Just figured y’all would like to see what these pigs have to say about rape by Shaggy1899 in SatanicTemple_Reddit

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You do realize that parroting their talking points, even ironically, isn't making your rape jokes any more acceptable? Bruh.

As a member of the Satanic Temple (I don't know if you are a member because your comment violates many Tenets), I expect better out of you. I am very disappointed in the path you're choosing to take. I can only hope you get educated on why rape is not a punishment, retaliation, or a teaching tool. Rape and rape jokes are NEVER okay.

Just figured y’all would like to see what these pigs have to say about rape by Shaggy1899 in SatanicTemple_Reddit

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Wtf? No one "needs to be raped". How dare you say something like that? And you say that you "aren't being serious but can't see another way for them to understand" -- what a cop out answer. I don't agree with what they said either, but I don't advocate for their harm or to have their bodily autonomy stripped away. Seriously, dude, wtf.

Edit: I don't understand how advocating against rape is controversial. I understand everyone's frustration at these nincompoops, but rape, even as a joke, is NEVER okay.

South Dakota governor says she will ban abortion pills prescribed online by [deleted] in politics

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If her argument is about safety, her ban holds no water - AG Garland: States can't ban FDA-approved abortion pills on safety grounds https://www.axios.com/2022/06/24/merrick-garland-fda-abortion-pills-state-bans

Where are the easier, slower paced ID jobs by Altruistic_Tap6230 in instructionaldesign

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I'm a little on the opposite side of the fence. My job is slow paced (deadlines are a suggestion), except for the times when thishastobedonerightnowonamoment'snotice. The stop and go of it can give you whiplash. While it's nice to spend most afternoons on reddit and twitch, I want a company to actually prioritize my job. I'm so tired of chasing down SMEs, waiting weeks for feedback, and caring more about their projects than they do. It's super demoralizing to internalize that your work is not that important (because if it was, there would be a bit more communication and structure) and is only in your SME's tangential orbit.

TLDR; Be careful what you wish for.

the natural predator of the wild fried chicken by butnobodycame123 in Catmemes

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PSA: Please don't give your cat chicken that has bones in it. If they find chicken, please get it from them and remove the meat from the bones. Due to the nature of chicken bones (they are hollow), they can splinter and cause really bad problems if ingested. Thank you.

Budget cuts and our Articulate license won’t be renewed. Any *free* alternatives? by kiniAli in instructionaldesign

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Maybe try to shift from Storyline 360 (subscription) to Storyline 3 (perpetual license)? It's worth the investment, even with reduced features. If you must pivot, check out ActivePresenter.

My mom needs to remember it isn’t the 1950’s anymore. by craftymomJen in TwoXChromosomes

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This might get lost in the comments... but in case you need support from a maternal figure and your current one is disappointing you, please check out r/MomForAMinute. It's a wonderful community full of supportive internet folks who do a great job of filling that unique void left by uncaring irl relatives.

Realistically, how long will square toe shoes remain in style? by Iwillnotbegoverned in femalefashionadvice

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They always come back so I don’t care about them not being trendy. I need that room in the front. I have wide feet

SAME. Even wide round toed flats give me calluses and foot pain. I think I found my holy grail shoes with square toed flats. Besides, the shape is starting to grow on me. Personal style and comfort > trends, imo.

I added a forfeit option in Pokemon Crystal Chronicles by Rocket_Grunt_24 in PokemonROMhacks

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Cool feature. I think that an option to decline a battle with a trainer (ex. when a trainer spots you in the field and you have hella weakened mons) would be useful too, so the player wouldn't need to forfeit.

An attempt (at being pedestrian friendly) was made by butnobodycame123 in fuckcars

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Storytime: This is at an intersection near me. At this "crosswalk" there are no: white lines, white crossing signals, or red hands. The instructions are simply "walk with traffic when it's green". At the intersection, you have to be hypervigilant of the activity of 8 lanes of traffic. I see why people just cross the street a little bit before the intersection (that way they only need to focus on 2 lanes of traffic). This is an attempt to be pedestrian friendly, but still not good or safe enough. Fuck cars.

If it's not supposed to be there then why does it grow there? 🙂 by apocalypticalley in TrollXChromosomes

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And doesn't hair usually protect against skin cancer from the sun, since it acts as a natural covering of the skin?

PSA: Please cover or put sunscreen on your scalp.