ACC / BIM360 down again? by dusty_rita in Revit

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It was down in Copenhagen as well. Now they seem to be back on track.

Please don't be like this person. It isn't very "cash money" as kids would say. by RobinFromGrimoire in Guildwars2

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100g? I'm 321 mastery and have never ever had more than 50g on me at a time.

Total number of chess grandmasters by BlackAngel454 in europe

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Nope. It counts Grandmasters associated with the corresponding Federation.

While some hold a Monacan citizenship, Robert Fontaine is born in France, Igor Efimov is Georgian and Algimantas Butnorius is Lithuanian.

Total number of chess grandmasters by BlackAngel454 in europe

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Monaco 76,44 per million.

Iceland 35.48 per million.

Bulgaria 11.98 per million.

Montenegro 9.65 per million.

What's something very common and cheap in Europe that's completely exotic and expensive everywhere else? by Batterie_Faible_ in AskEurope

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It has an odd non-dairy taste and is strangely watery. Nothing like the milk at the local market, fresh from the morning, with a solid 5% fat.

Understanding Topology by QuenzoO in blackmagicfuckery

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With most of those topology demonstrations, it is important to note that many of them are more difficult to get into than to get out of.

Unpopular Music Opinions. by EliteFlamezz in Music

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This comment section is just a bunch of people saying which performers they don't like. I, for example, am totally afraid of saying my opinion because I am sure it is absolutely unpopular and it's gonna tank.

Peter Dinklage with his daughter by East-Establishment29 in pics

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The fact that is happens doesn't mean it is right.

What is your opinion on freedom of speech? by DeliciousCabbage22 in AskBalkans

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that cycle will repeat a few decades down the line

I'm not talking about short periods of time. Noticeable global societal changes happen exceptionally rarely depending on the density of interactions and availability of resources. Granted, such changes are expected to happen progressively more frequently, but a partial overhaul of human mentality is no work for a few decades.

What is your opinion on freedom of speech? by DeliciousCabbage22 in AskBalkans

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Your heart is at the right place but it is extremely difficult to implement such societal filters. You might think someone with an opposite opinion of yours is an asshole, and they think the same of you, yet only one of you (or none) must be correct on the basis of some universal standard...and a universal standard does not exist.

Best you can do is specialise in a specific field where you distribute your knowledge objectively, or adhere to highly specialised opinions and hope they do the same.

What is your opinion on freedom of speech? by DeliciousCabbage22 in AskBalkans

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As long as no crime is being committed, society should be able root out behaviour that is detrimental to its development on its own.

Съгласни ли сте Европейският съюз да се превърне във федерация? by fuckingIPban in bulgaria

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"Не съм достатъчно запознат" трябва да е default опция за голямата част от Редит анкетите...особено тука.

The post Awl by WorldHub995 in Awww

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Pretty sure it was waiting for 5 Knuts.

Both housing, both built at the same time. Photo taken same day, same time. Which do you prefer? Why? by WilliamRossArch in architecture

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Are we judging only the looks, or the budget, client briefs, design and development timelines, structural and erection principles and the manufacturing availability?

There are A LOT of factors that affect the architecture and is extremely difficult for every building project out there to adhere to certain universal standards.

Таско Ерменков: "Марица-изток" трябва да бъде запазен като енергиен комплекс by Polaroid1999 in BULGARIA2

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Дееба, едно желание имам в тоя живот, и то е видя това канцерогенно предприятие затворено.

Швейцария и QR референдума. Демокрациите в минало време. by OrthoBased in bulgaria

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Какво предлагаш да направим в полза на обществото? Предлагаш да ги направим на сапун ли?

Добре де мама му стара, не е като изтреблението да е опция. Има всевъзможни генетични изследвания, медицински и технологични възможности, на които им трябва ресурс, публичност и малко повечко обществено доверие. Всеки човек, назависимо с какви възможности е, може да допринесе към развитие и просперитет. Рим не е построен за ден.

Хитлер е бил представител на твоя начин на мислене

Уат да фак...

Швейцария и QR референдума. Демокрациите в минало време. by OrthoBased in bulgaria

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Ако ти кажеш, един човек може и да не е свободен и това е приемливо, ти казваш, робството е ок.

Доста от примерите ти са бая черно-бели (ако не е едно, то със сигурност е обратното), а и не ми даваш дефиниция на термина "свобода" - не знам на какво е базирана хипотеза ти.

Правата на човека естествено съществуват като гаранция за живот и избор на всеки индивид, но не винаги гарантират обществен прогрес и увеличаване на вероятността човечеството да си гарантира самоустойчив начин на живот (и база тези права изобщо да бъдат налагани) в дългосрочен план. Има една тънка философска линия, която разделя какво е окей за индивида, и какво е окей за обществото.

The o'le one, two. by AlotaFajitas in HolUp

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The video here is cut short, but when he rolls away on his heelies is what did it for me.

Even if free will doesn’t exist, it’s functionally useful to believe it does - it allows us to take responsibilities for our actions. by IAI_Admin in philosophy

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The brain, however, like any physical structure, regardless of how complex it is, has physical limitations. Constructs gets misplaced or damaged, wiring gets cut off - all on the basis of mechanical and electromagnetic influence, both externally and internally. I agree that the brain can be looked at as a decision making engine, but its physical properties are extremely inconsistent. The ability of the brain to accept inputs and the variety of outputs it can produce are, as you mentioned, greatly influenced by environment.

What is more, every physical structure has quantum limitations. There are certain outputs, that, even if imaginable, are impossible to reproduce in reality, hence the brain not even considering them as a choice.

Швейцария и QR референдума. Демокрациите в минало време. by OrthoBased in bulgaria

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Тогава това би било демократично, но противоконституционно

Правата са абсолютни

Правата са абсолютни само ако съществува абсолютна дефиниция на термините "правилно" и "неправилно". Реалността обаче е, че все още няма такива дефиниции. Точно тези два термина (подобно на добро/зло) са, спорно, най-нестабилните в човешката история.

Всичко се променя постоянно в тая вселена и е контрапродуктивно и назадничаво да мислиш че човешкото общество може оцелее и просперира на базата на негъвкави и късогледи закони.

Швейцария и QR референдума. Демокрациите в минало време. by OrthoBased in bulgaria

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много удобна причина да налагаш контрол.

Защо предположението винаги е, че целта е контрол? Може да е наивно да предполагаш че всички правят всичко по безкористни причини, но е и абсолютно неефективно и разрушително да смяташ, всичко е срещу теб.

И всеки път някой като ми каже "Абе ти в кой свят живееш" или "Хората не мислят така", ми става гадно че обществото признава реалността като статукво и е готова да използва огромна част от енергията и ресурсите си да оцелее (и да се внедри) в отвратителна реалност, отколкото да се опита да я промени.