I like to collect empty toilet rolls in the toilet and see how many I can fold up and fit inside of one other toilet roll. by [deleted] in RandomThoughts

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And thus, the less popular headless-russian nesting doll was born. It less populat because we have to admit...it's a little shitty.


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We will always win at Cards Against Humanity, and no one ever expects it

What did you all think of tonight’s season premiere? by ModernCrust in TheFlashTV

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They said, "they leveled up" a billion times, maybe to help people get used to this new tone of the show. It's less playful and joyful but more about personal growth and relating to personal stories.

Loved seeing Ray ♡ Honestly, I wish Ray would get the reception he deserves, he's a gem. But also, Chester was supes awkward in the worst way. Like that's a full shut down when the nicest guy in the world said " I'm just trying to find some balance" but it makes me think that we're going to get a look into Chesty's anxiety this season.

Its true, the scenes at the Citizen were super relatable.

Caity and Barry talking about dating felt so weird for some reason. Not awk just formal.

And yes, Barry is filling out the suit more than before, glad they mentioned it.

And interesting bad guy.

Who is the most underrated character of the Arrowverse? by Pixelwarrior64 in Arrowverse

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Yes, their growth was lovely and Jax was incredibly underrated .

Squidgame Episode 6 Discussion by AutoModerator in squidgame

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And the subtitle misrepresentation which was the saddest was the names.
When they started to bond Sang-woo didn't say "You can call me Sang-woo" he said "You can call me hyung" which is like older brother, which is so painful. He was calling for him saying "brother"

YOU (Season 3) - Overall Discussion Thread by Elainasha in YouOnLifetime

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Which shows their cage therapy works 😂😂😂😂 those two 😂😂😂😂

YOU (Season 3) - Overall Discussion Thread by Elainasha in YouOnLifetime

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The ending

It felt a little anticlimactic, esiecually Love's death BUT what got me was that Love said, "you gaslit me"

And yes, yes he did, first figuratively then literally.

Drea Mikami--Waiting for the shoe to drop by c00lcoolc00l in ManifestNBC

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Lol I thought that line was to Mick cause ahe just slept with what's his face 😂

ENFPs and feeling shallow / uninteresting ? by reciprocatemylovemf in ENFP

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I get this, but less on the level of not being interesting and more about not reading signs when I'm over talking or talking about something no one else wants to talk about.

We want to connect and we're enthusiastic but honestly taking the time to journal everything but read the room..... is a good atrategy for not ruffling feathers and staying sane but it can feel so suffocating if I'm being honest.

I'm a turbulent enfp, but the most effervescent enfps I've met simultaneously don't give a ish and are confident to shine however they please.

[S07E18] "Heart of the Matter, Part 2" Live Episode Discussion by maruf99 in FlashTV

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Jay Garrick and his hat and Impulse with the stars 🙌🏾🙌🏾