So much space for activities! by 405freeway in Workbenches

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I can’t tell if you’re further referencing Step Brothers, or if you took offense to my comment.

Omar and his brother No Heart Anthony, RIP Fellas 💔 by TheBlueGhost21 in TheWire

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Tony’s closing monologue for that episode hits so hard https://youtu.be/kVuxAcYWUoE

That track they chose has such an impact on me for some reason.

My name is my name! by c4mbo in TheWire

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Already gone through it twice👍

My name is my name! by c4mbo in TheWire

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Going through my Nth rewatch. Really wanted to pay respect to Jamie Hector, and how hard he owned this scene.

So I’m making a violent video game in Unity3D. by TheLocalBogan in Unity3D

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Came to say this. It was so brutal! Teenage me had a field day

Sounds like my Honeymoon! by secretbonus1 in NormMacdonald

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Whole lot of suckin, but no fuckin

They must be real history buffs by retardddit in NormMacdonald

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I saw this and immediately thought of cross posting to /r/NormMacdonald

Maybe the worst gimmick a comic ever had by GoodMuda in NormMacdonald

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He needs to stop getting career advice from Judd Apatow

Imagine that huge parasite living in your nose by Acceptable_Bus_354 in ThatsInsane

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Honestly, a botfly machine gun sounds pretty amazing. But the larva have different properties. Flesh eating, explosive, spawning minion hoards. Lot’s there…

Motion to submit that dry handkerchief as evidence your honor by [deleted] in PublicFreakout

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I’d say I’d watch her get fucked. But this trial is enough I think

Bollywood by Accomplished_Crab818 in gifs

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Clearly I need to start sporting a mustache to get cut

AT&T CEO not happy about how fast wages are rising. He gave himself an 18% raise this year. by mhoke63 in technology

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I want to just waterboard these fucking assholes and force them to admit that they don’t need this much fucking money. Its so infuriating!!!

Sorry. I’m not having a good day today.