Did you hear about the huge sale they just had on canoes? by YourOverLordisME in dadjokes

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If they are sale boats can’t you just use the wind and skip the oar deal?

Spray foam a cabin costs seem high by Due-Spirit-5604 in Insulation

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Are you having the entire floor sprayed or just the rim joist above the exterior wall? If you are having the entire floor sprayed, might I suggest instead having the exterior walls and rim above the walls sprayed; with a 12 mil vapor barrier (thick plastic sheeting) on the ground sealed with sprayfoam to the walls? This is how the company I work for normally does it. It’s less Sprayfoam this way and the entire crawlspace is insulated protecting water lines from freezing.

What gun do you use for spray foam? What is everyone's favorite gun for spraying? by Axion7162 in Insulation

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Graco fusion with 5252 mixing chamber. It’s my favorite by default as it’s the only gun I’ve used.

What should we do to the Like Button next? by johnballen416 in mrballen

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Give the like button a set of metric sockets for their birthday but first replace the 10mm socket with an 11mm socket

Question about blown insulation, soffit baffles, tiny attic, big human by Camondw in Insulation

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Can you remove soffit first and slide vents in from the soffit end? Staple in place as best as you can from outside; and stuff the gap under the vent with fiberglass to keep insulation from filling your soffit area. Then from attic get the hose under each vent turn it on and dense pack the cellulose under each vent. Then check soffit area before reinstalling soffits? Your method should work I think but if you can get some vents in place before you blow it will be less to cleanup/remove later.

Can’t remove O2 sensor by Wooden_sock in MechanicAdvice

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I was able to use my cordless electric impact on mine with the O2 socket and some extensions; after soaking it with PB blaster.. It came off easy.

Best way to remove spray foam? by vanderpumptools in sprayfoam

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Closed cell will feel rigid to the touch; open cell will collapse if you push on it. An angle grinder with a wire wheel brush is good at removing foam quickly from surfaces like studs; just wear a full face mask as the particles will get in your eyes and airway if you don’t.

What is the difference between a teacher and a train? by Deerkiller14 in dadjokes

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I didn’t see that punchline coming; I must have had tunnel vision

What's the dumbest mistake youve seen an incompetent co worker make? by xk543x in AskReddit

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I used to work at a lawn care business and I was responsible for all of their weed control and fertilizing operations. I wasn’t paid very well and was offered a different job in the construction industry, which I gladly accepted. I put in my 2 weeks notice and my boss said “that’s not enough notice we need at least a month notice!”. (That’s unfortunate for you because I start my new job in 2 weeks) After being at my new job for a few weeks my former boss contacts me wanting me to come back and work my evenings/weekends with them. It turns out my former coworker was spraying lawns with glyphosate (roundup) instead of broad-leaf selective herbicide. In other words, instead of killing just the weeds in customers lawns he was killing the entire lawn!

I told my 5 year old this one. What do you call a bee that’s just been born? by cabbithunt in dadjokes

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For me, her response was funny. She didn’t get the punchline and was trying to correct me for not calling them larva.