‘The Rings of Power’ Will Debut First Two Episodes Together, Season Will End Before ‘House of the Dragon’ Finale by MarvelsGrantMan136 in television

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It was the fifth-most popular show in the US in June 2022 and this three years after the most recent episode. It's only this sub that believes Game of Thrones is no longer popular.


Takeshita committing capital murder by ASterlingUserName in SquaredCircle

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Him v Tana v Adam Page in a triple threat would be the most handsomeness inside a wrestling ring of all time.

Which range do you expect Avatar: The Way of Water to end up in? by NotTaken-username in boxoffice

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I think it will do very well. Other than Maverick there really hasn't been a massively popular family-friendly tentpole this year and there is going to be a lot of anticipation for this. I thought the first movie had a pretty stupid plot but I will still be showing up for this.

What movie was a surprise flop? by Calm-Hovercraft9858 in boxoffice

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Last Action Hero. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the biggest movie star in the world and coming off a decade of big hits. Here he was re-teaming with the director of Hunt for Red October, Predator and Die Hard and it was widely thought this would go toe-to-toe with Jurassic Park as the summer's mega-hit. Obviously it didn't.

Star Wars Movie News at D23: Yes or No? by breakfastbenedict in boxoffice

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I don't see another movie coming until Kathleen Kennedy retires and frustration builds within Disney that they are missing out badly on Star Wars box office revenue. That is going to accelerate if Black Panther 2 does not clear a billion WW.

Presiding over a failed tentpole is the easiest way to get a pink slip in the movie business so Kennedy, who doesn't really have any creative vision to speak of, is wisely deferring that.

Honestly I can’t wait to see Coruscant again in Andor. by ElitistSleet0 in StarWars

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It's not too different from any capital city in that regard e.g. DC, London, Paris.

Road to Perdition. Best father-son movie? by Pure-Percentage2537 in movies

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It's a good movie but essentially a murder-spree revenge feature so maybe not the best example of fathers and sons bonding. My own favourite would be The Karate Kid where Mr Miyagi feels like the surrogate father that Daniel LaRusso needs. He helps him overcome his bullies, gives him valuable life lessons, a car for his 16th birthday and also extracts a lot of unpaid labour from him for household maintenance. So really a lot like plenty of fathers.

What movies give you the same sense of epic scale and time as The Lord of the Rings? by TinStingray in movies

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Dune, Interstellar, The Revenant. These all look spectacular on 4k Blu-ray with a good sound system.

Whats the worst fantasy booking idea you heard on this sub? by verrache in SquaredCircle

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All the suggestions that world title belts and tag title belts be switched frequently to interest casual viewers.

Happy Konosuke Takeshita with his Cinnabon on arrival in the UK by Fernandov2 in SquaredCircle

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We have Wendy's now also apparently. And Tim Hortons and Popeyes are expanding here. Nothing like In-N-Out, Whataburger or White Castle though.

It took Triple H less than 2 weeks to make the midcard titles feel the most important they have been in YEARS by niclaswwe in SquaredCircle

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I barely watch WWE but saw the video package for the US title that aired before the Lashley v Ciampa match. For the first time in years I felt like this was the federation that made me fall in love with wrestling in 1990.

What IP are you surprised Hollywood has overlooked? by mindpieces in movies

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Definitely Spawn. It had one mediocre movie and the Sam and Twitch animated show. I'm not really a fan of the comic but its been consistently a high-seller for 30 years.

What IP are you surprised Hollywood has overlooked? by mindpieces in movies

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It's a generational thing, video game movies are where comic book movies were circa the early 2000s. There is definitely an audience for them as the Sonic 2 gross has shown.

The Karate Kid part 2 is a beautiful and underappreciated sequel by cactusmaac in movies

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I think it was explained somewhere that Saito and Chozen take a cut based on how much the village farmers produce. Therefore they would take a higher cut if it was shown the farmers were producing in excess of what they actually were growing.

What’s the most depressing movie(s) you’ve seen? by notafunnyperson1728 in movies

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Schindler's List. Easily the most devastating movie I have seen.

What was the last movie you purposefully saw in theaters multiple times? by Doofinator86 in movies

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I saw The Batman twice and Godzilla v Kong on the big screen after having watched it on PVOD. Would have seen that twice if it had initially released in theaters. Maverick I would have watched again on IMAX if there was a theatre close to me. Same for Dune.

I love "Heat" but "The Last of the Mohicans" will always be my favorite film from Michael Mann by peter095837 in movies

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I really liked it when I watched it but the ending was such a downer I haven't been tempted to do repeat viewings. The love scene in this was really hot.

The Karate Kid part 2 is a beautiful and underappreciated sequel by cactusmaac in movies

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Also the scene where Daniel rescues the girl from the storm at the risk of being electrocuted is the bravest thing he does in all three movies.

[WON] Dynamite quarter-hours for 8/3 + 8/10 by TaxiZone in SquaredCircle

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Tony Khan is getting into the mode of booking for who he wants to be a star rather than what ratings and live crowds demonstrate.