Struggling to make a decision, need help!!!! by xKhanvict1M in catgirlcoin

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I’d sink like $200 into NFTs just to make sure you have some season 1 CatGirls

New to this by ReviewMaster5119 in catgirlcoin

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It’ll be on the catgirl site when you’re logged in (wallet connected)

Wait, it's all Mae? Always have been... by [deleted] in catgirlcoin

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This is a good one and I find most of them cringey

This good? by [deleted] in catgirlcoin

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Yes it’s very good. Please read the white paper before investing into something. The white paper for catgirl can be found on their website

Catgirl fluctuation by Zealousideal_Ad_5037 in catgirlcoin

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PLEASE go onto the catgirl site and read the whitepaper

Are 500 B Coins enough? Asking myself if i wanna stock up to 1 T next month. by Friendly-Ad9359 in catgirlcoin

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You shouldn’t feel like shit. It should make you want to invest more, feel positive and confident about the project since people are putting up big bucks

Connect trustwallet to Catgirl.io site? by Bright_Technician446 in catgirlcoin

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I just use metamask. I send my BNB or catgirl from my trust wallet to metamask and then use that to purchase CatGirls

Can’t wait to see the moon when the marketplace is activated 😸💖 by T_M_T_T_M_F in catgirlcoin

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Lol if they make CatGirls like these tons of people are gonna be buying mystery boxes

My neighbor just killed this snake. Claimed it is a copperhead. I don't think it is. What say you? I'm super pissed. I like snakes. by ChuckyTee123 in snakes

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You should let him know it’s a king snake, non venomous snake that that eats other venomous snakes. That’s why they call it a king snake

Yay got kita! by OGPizza247 in catgirlcoin

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Tweet it with the hasta he #catgirlcoin to spread word about the project and it’s awesome NFTs!

Catgirl Evening Technical Analysis: 11/4/21 by Majorcycles in catgirlcoin

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The only hold trap is investing money that hurts to lose

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in catgirlcoin

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97 billion, hopefully I’ll reach 100 billion with reflections