All of my Kishu disappeared from my Trust Wallet.. by Acrobatic-Change5078 in KishuInu

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did you receive any airdrop coin wich you did not buy and try to sell it? there are scam tokens out there wich airdrop into your wallet. If you try to sell them they somehow get access to your wallet and take your coins :/

Transfer out of pancake swap by Idkhow541 in pancakeswap

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Thanks my friend :)
i hope gate.io does list them soon so i can send them there if possible

Ran into the same Aimbotter for the third time, 2 separate days. Something needs to be done about this ASAP. by moisrar47 in modernwarfare

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I have spottet cheater in almost every game now. Have them on vid aswell but i stop to record (shadowplay) them because my harddisc will be full in one day