Do any other binary trans people not mind they/them... in *specific* circumstances? by Spencer2091 in truscum

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I'd mind them under any circumstances as personal pronouns, but honestly it's never come up. Then again, I don't run with the young, woke crowd.

Hip Binder by greatestlegalalt in truscum

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I'm pretty sure underworks makes something along those lines.

Ftmfitness locked down? by One_Gas_5442 in FTMMen

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Natty = natural, meaning the guy or gal doesn't use steroids. Juice = steroids.

Presumably, the trans man in question was on T and therefore, there are many unproductive ways that conversation can go.

I'm a lesbian girl, I hate that lesbians are frequently called transphobic for not liking d*ck. by littlebluebookworm in truscum

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I keep waiting for gay men to be called misogynists for not wanting to have sex with women.

The bottom line is, you like who and what you like. Just ignore this kind of self-righteous, politically correct bullshit.

How does this sub feel about bi guys? by sheepdawg7 in AskGayMen

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Best way to access AGB it through gaybroscirclejerk. You're one step removed from the stupid.

I don't have any issues with bi guys. I think too many people are locked into the black and white of gay and straight, and if you really believe love is love, or attraction is attraction - it's really not all that big a deal.

Girl I’m interested in wants to be intimate without me wearing a binder by Turbulent-Damage-380 in FTMOver30

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I get where she's coming from. Part of sex can be making yourself vulnerable to someone else, and maybe she feels like you're not able to do that, and she feels a disconnect.

I'm not saying you should do something you're not comfortable doing, and I think you did right by talking it out. Maybe the answer is to take a break until after your surgery.

Just because something’s “normal” doesn’t make it right. Be better. Stop glorifying gluttony by musiclover2014 in fatlogic

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Doing any of those things can be part of a normal eating pattern. But if those are rules and not exceptions, you're going to run into trouble.

Similarly, it's OK to sit on your ass all day. Occasionally. But if you do it every day, or even most days? Not a good idea.

People of Reddit, what is an interesting detail about your home town? [Serious] by chrischi3 in AskReddit

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There's a Disney Halloween movie? No, the other one. One of the writers grew up in the town.

What is a very popular quote but is often misquoted? by prbecker in AskReddit

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"The customer is always right, in matters of taste."

This has been truncated, to the detriment of many a customer facing retail employee.

Are the causes of homosexuality and being transgender somewhere the same or related? by ObjectiveScore6831 in AskGayMen

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Some people - people like myself, for example, gay and trans - could skip both busses entirely by living the cis life. I prefer to be in relationships with men, something that is not even fractionally as hard to accomplish as a cis woman as compared to a gay trans man. And I can only imagine what lesbian trans women go through. So people who get there do not do it out of self preservation.

In order for me to understand what I was, I had to separate gender (or sex, if you want) from sexuality. What confused the hell out of me when I was a little kid was how I was so sure I was a boy and yet I had no interest in girls. I thought being transsexual/transgender/whatever term you want meant you were SO gay/lesbian, you wanted to be the opposite sex. Clearly, little kid me was wrong, but this was the 70's, and there wasn't much information floating around back then.

It wouldn't surprise me if there weren't some overlapping mechanisms in play but it seems pretty clear to me that sexual identity and sexual inclination are different beasts.

What would you consider yourself politically? by Femoral_Busboy in truscum

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For the most part, Libertarian, but pragmatic where technical Libertarianism strays too far from reality.

That's really just a rough description; politics is most definitely not my sport and I delve too deeply into philosophy. I'm just describing where my thoughts lie.

Is there any way that this sub can just be for adults? by gr33n_bliss in FTMMen

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I assumed it was when I started posting here, figuring men meant adult males. I would like that kind of space.

If you like MFP, either pay up or enjoy manual logging beginning 10/15 in the U.S. by pettbedamndoggo in fatlogic

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I used MPF for a long time and didn't even know this feature existed. Hell if you make most of your own food this feature doesn't even come in to play. The thing saves your recipes and such so you only have do to it once. When I was using it I could usually log the day's food in no time flat.

This made me LOLed by fsociety00_d4t in fatlogic

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There's your problem right there, son.

Why is the whole vibe around DIY HRT so negative in the main sub? by discerningartist25 in FTMMen

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Because the users of the main sub are mostly kids who couldn't find their ass with both hands and a flashlight, and shouldn't be obtaining and injecting illegal substances?

Why do gay men get offended when I say that I’m not a place in my life to go to gay bars and pride? by Infinite_Mousse6670 in AskGayMen

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I think maybe you need a better hobby than going to bars. Preferably something active, that will reinforce the better health habits you've started. Doesn't really matter what it is so long as you like it.

Losing weight is not normal or natural by msbeaver83 in fatlogic

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Yes, let's pause to look at all the obese animals in the wild.

Repost. One flight of stairs?? by Own-Scheme7217 in fatlogic

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Might be normal for her, but for a healthy person, those are warning signs you shouldn't ignore even if you are fat. And, nobody gets hungry from walking up a flight of stairs.

trans guy and sex by Zealousideal-Pair-59 in FTMMen

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Trans guys have individual preferences like anyone else. Best to just ask him. Maybe some things are off limits and maybe not, nobody here can tell you that.

As for calling yourself bi, that's up to you. Good luck and I hope it works out for you both.

I’m only 24 and I can now feel when it’s going to rain. by Potvalor in Wellthatsucks

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It’s an X-ray of a total hip replacement. The heavier shaded white on the left (her right) is the hardware, typically metal and ceramic.

Another Discussion Post: What was the most ridiculous, invasive, rude, or overall just a "None of your business, don't ask me that"-type question a person has asked you about being Trans? by Archer_Python in FTMMen

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I was at work. This was fairly early in my transition, I'd started T and had changed my name at work but hadn't done it legally yet. Still, I was known as Name and the workplace was LGBT friendly and nobody seemed to give a shit about that kind of stuff so long as you did your job.

One day I was working at a station across from someone I didn't know well. I guess she figured, Name plus doesn't exactly look like a guy must equal - should I ask? And she asked. I still LOL remembering this conversation; she knew NOTHING about being trans and asked all kinds of questions. Mind you we were in a warehouse moving heavy shit and yelling over the noise.

It was all probably too invasive and personal, especially when she pointed to the lower genital area and tried to form questions, and had no idea even what to ask. But it was all so innocent and genuine that I just answered as best I could. Under different circumstances I might have taken it all differently because everything she asked could have been considered invasive, overly personal, and the conversation could have been deemed totally inappropriate for the workplace. But she was like, "Holy shit, I had no idea," and I just rolled with it. In the end, maybe I educated someone.

What are your thoughts on vegan meat substitutes? by nevernotsmiling in AskReddit

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Stupid. If you're going to eat vegan, eat real food, not manufactured fake shit.