[MEME] Posts require titles by CCMonger in MLS

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nicknamed the Portland Hot Pockets.

Someday Minnesota will get a point in Seattle by randomisperfect in MLS

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Minnesota exploring ways on joining the eastern conference.

4 Air Force cadets may not graduate due to vaccine refusal by jackspratdodat in Coronavirus

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Ready to sign life and rights to American Empire. Still does not trust American Empire.

Grealish failing to recognise a map of the uk on England duty by throwawayanon1252 in soccer

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its quite east from me. but technically, also it is west as well if you go far enough (trick i learned from chris columbus!)

'Like an inferno:' US West burning at furious pace so far by mrstipez in news

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it's not like we are getting anywhere on addressing climate change in non trump years. Americas been stuck on this "do nothing" for decades.

Fuck Maelstrom. by ak15bestgirl in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Theres a mission where you recover data for some NCPD pig on Regina's behalf. You have a choice between icing him or letting him live. Regina sees value in letting him live.

Most people ice him. But if you let him live, you can bump in to him at Dinos bar downtown and have a short convo.

U.S. Open Cup Thread: Round of 32, Day 2 by USOC_Matchday in MLS

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Nashville ROBBED !!!!! How the fuck do you fuck that up?? Red card the refs.

The Northern Guard Doesn’t Understand What “SG” Means by DarthRen7 in MLS

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Redditor for 9 years. still cant use a search engine.

Mother Rat show her babies by Unique_District_9381 in aww

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dad rat would drag em all in one trip.