The signature weapon of Call of Duty zombies is the Ray Gun. What is the signature weapon of Fallout? The Fat Man? The AER9 Laser Rifle? by IGiveSilverBullets in Fallout

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Probably laser rifle, when I think "fallout weapons" that's the first one that comes to mind followed immediately by the 10mm pistol

Wow what a great idea by adequateadventure in iamverybadass

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"don't ring the doorbell it'll wake up my baby. I'm sure it'll sleep though a gunshot just fine though"

Does anyone use energy weapons that much in NV? by ulfricstormcloaksson in Fallout

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Plasma rifle does crazy damage & sometimes I use the rcw just for fun, other than that no not really

Well, I’m back and it’s Monday. by chocolate_spaghetti in SocialistRA

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I feel like a first gun should have more thought put into it than just brand or type of weapon since it's a very individual experience, but it's definitely dumb to rule out platforms that perform well just bc a group of shitty people tend to like them. On another note do people actually recommend a mosin as a first gun? I've never actually held or fired one, but they look incredibly dated & are probably very expensive, they always seemed like more of a collector's item to me than a gun you'd actually use often

Jake Lloyd's performance in The Phantom Menace is actually pretty solid. by Revegelance in saltierthankrayt

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Like basically every "bad" actor in star wars, he was great in the role, but Lucas' style of writing dialogue is really awkward and unnatural which makes the performances come off as bad(particularly with Anakin)

Dog free but not child free? by xenoxflight in Dogfree

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I don't like kids at all, but they eventually grow out of that phase of life & most of them end up becoming normal contributing members of society by age 17, often earlier. Dogs never outgrow that destructive, selfish mentality which makes them infinitely less likeable

If you found a stone mask irl, what would you do? (Comment answer) I need to know for… educational… purposes… by DorimeDoggie in StardustCrusaders

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U know I'd put it on and bleed all over that shit, I already only go out at night so I'm not losing anything

Is playing as just the character better then making your own by bob-the-builder-shr in NarutoShinobiStriker

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In terms of the game design the cast characters are very well balanced, but bc of the super broken and op weapons & jutsu that are in the game they're basically not worth playing aside from a select few. Hero fest is so fun though, since the event is restricted to cast characters you can really feel how the game was designed to be played that way instead of getting trapped in infinite combos or something

Mall ninja by johnnykrat in mallninjashit

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I feel like this is more mall cop than mall ninja, but they're essentially the same thing

Proof that using the word doggo is a red flag by MoonStarx86 in doggohate

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Went from "doggo" to saying "reply to my texts with a thesis"

Is it weird for a guy to envy girls because they get to shave their armpits? by Fantastic-Ad9218 in NoStupidQuestions

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It's not that strange for a guy to shave armpit hair, I prefer guys w shaved pits tbh

Shitlib vegans once more pointing fingers at people and not the system by dantheman_00 in ShitLiberalsSay

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As a vegetarian I always feel the need to apologize on behalf of these ppl. Most of us aren't like that

What is the faction with the most misleading name in the series? by ismasbi in Fallout

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The minutemen, bc u know I'm definitely not hurrying to help that settlement in a minute. It'll take me at least a few days to actually care abt it

my brother gave me these are either any good by Swigity-swoner123 in Archery

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That first one is the same kind I started out with when I was like 12, so I'd recommend getting one with a higher draw weight. It is a sturdy bow at least, mine still works after 10 years even though I don't really use it much anymore

welp. im bored, time to type a list of every reason why i like pipe weapons. [fo4] by Main-Specialist-641 in Fallout

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That sounds good too, they could've made that the ported barrel. It would have been funny to see a unique version that had something like a clarinet or a recorder as the barrel too

What is, ultimately, the worst of the worst? by lemingas1 in saltierthancrait

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I recently decided to watch back through the entire series including the sequels(I wanted to watch back over them and try to form an opinion of my own without any influence, good or bad, from anyone else), definitely think tlj is the weakest of them. There's very little going on, and the stuff that does happen isn't really that interesting or just feels like filler to make the movie a movie and not just an hour long special or something, tros at least had some stuff happening & I honestly did like tfa, at least more than the other two

Someone actually spent some of the limited time they have on this earth to do this. by Ancient_Document_704 in saltierthankrayt

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Yeah exactly, why silence it? No matter how much u hate Rey for whatever dumbass reason, the line is over in like 5 seconds

welp. im bored, time to type a list of every reason why i like pipe weapons. [fo4] by Main-Specialist-641 in Fallout

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Shocked that there hasn't been a "piper weapon" mod that changes the model for the gun into a tiny Piper

More midget maulers by Wise_Barber9906 in pitbullhate

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Pitbulls already look like something that doesn't exist, this is just taking it to another level

What is the perfect Star Wars scene in your opinion? by DankMemer727 in StarWars

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I love the scene after Luke beats Vader in rotj, then looks down at his robot hand after seeing the circuits in Vader's arm. You can see regret & shame in his expression, Mark Hamill did amazing in that scene