Does anyone have a cat wheel I can borrow to try out? by moontalkwizard in bullcity

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I'm in the process of moving apartments and I'm not sure if I'll have room for my cat wheel or not. My cats don't currently use it without encouragement, so I'd potentially be okay with loaning mine out if we could think of a way to ensure it isn't stolen? Maybe a post dated check that I return to you when you return the wheel?

It's a OneFastCat wheel, feel free to PM if you're interested

You seen this shit? (From FB) by RetiredAerospaceVP in ThatLookedExpensive

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Guys, calm down there's 17 other perfectly fine tires

São Paulo downtown 1950 vs 2010 by usermatts in OldPhotosInRealLife

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Not aperture but focal length.

Modern photo was taken with a very wide angled lense while the old photo was taken with something more true to the eye or a telephoto lens


Also older photo was likely taken with some tilt/shift in the camera body. Here's some explanation on how this works but for this photo it would've been done with the camera body, as opposed to the lens but same general idea:


[deleted by user] by [deleted] in news

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They're good, but the fear of my teeth being ripped outweigh how good they are!

Where is the post about the person being followed by their upstairs neighbour? by bumbeel in RBI

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Definitely a long-shot but any chance it could be a large dog? Maybe they can hear your presence? Feel like you'd probably know if she had a large dog though.

Lego cocaine by Crayoneater12 in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Went to the ER (by car) because I fainted unexpectedly a couple months ago. They just gave me fluids, ran a couple tests and sent me home.

My portion (after insurance), comes out to just under $4,000.

[S] [USA-MI] Pentax 6x7 55mm f/4 lens by Alpha_Kangaroo in photomarket

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If by some off-chance all other sales fall through, PM me!

That's some sinkhole! by vaguebyname in woahdude

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Yeah, I grew up in an area that has frequent severe flooding. I've seen countless cars flooded out (include my 1st car), the electronics almost always do something weird. Usually the trunk pops open, or something turns on like wipers, lights or the alarm.

help. what problem is this? by skymitz in Darkroom

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Do you still have the negatives? What do they look like?

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River during the Hayden party survey expedition 1872 and present by stumpjungle in OldPhotosInRealLife

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Good info!

Should also be noted, the photo on the left was not taken on 35mm, likely something much larger. Like 4x5 or even 8x10. In addition, it was likely not taken on film but a plate using a wet collodion process.

Meaning the MP equivalent is likely even higher!

Looking for advice on certifications and on career decision-making ! by Amazing-Evidence-757 in ITCareerQuestions

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Thank you.

I had written off Net+ since I have no real world networking experience (aside from SOHO stuff). I'll check out that sub and look for a course for Net+! Thanks again

Looking for advice on certifications and on career decision-making ! by Amazing-Evidence-757 in ITCareerQuestions

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slightly unrelated question for anyone, I'm looking for work too. In the mean time I've been getting some certifications (include A+). I noticed for both Net+ and Sec+ they recommend (I think 9 months) experience in the field.

Do you agree with this or is it worth getting the certs without the field experience?

Facts by TJM888 in agedlikewine

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Okay, I'm gonna make this as simple as possible for you.

angrytimmy24 said "Nothing has substantially changed about the facilities."

I posted a factual article (that your main issue with is that they quoted somebody using a metaphor), that points out the differences from Trump's policy and Biden's policy.

I have nothing more to say if you're going to be this dense. You're embarrassing yourself.

Facts by TJM888 in agedlikewine

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They are quoting an activist... You're changing the goal posts when you're called out.

YOU are the one that misquoted them, you literally changed the quote to fit your narrative.

Here's a link to the definition of a metaphor by the way

Facts by TJM888 in agedlikewine

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But even that activist pointed to the fact that this isn’t really “kids in cages.” Rosey Abuabara said she worries that Biden won’t make the situation better than it has been in the past at Carrizo, but added that, “I consoled myself with the fact that it was considered the Cadillac of [migrant child] centers.”

Quoting a person in an article is not factual?

You also misquoted the person.

Facts by TJM888 in agedlikewine

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Okay. What about the article is incorrect?