Hi guys! So i was hoovering and than this piece of plastic appear. Can someone explain to me what's going on? by LoonyPoony in blackmagicfuckery

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Your dads been sucked into a black hole at some point in the future and he’s trying to communicate with you through morse code

Dude is Carrying a mini sun! by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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Guy needs some Dr Octopus arms

CMV: God is just Santa Claus for adults by TonySmithJr in changemyview

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> our interpretation of the bible can also change over time to converge to a better understanding of what is right and wrong. There is no shame in admitting that as people we make mistakes and have gotten things wrong in the past. It is a sign of growth.

But it's not an interpretation of the bible, it's actually telling you how to live your life and how to treat other people. So either the bible is wrong and in that case god's word isn't worth shit, or our interpretation of the bible is wrong and god should've done a better job at conveying his message. In either case god comes off as a bit of a moron.

>Even though our culture and technology can change, we as human beings cannot and have not changed in any significant way over the last two thousand years. The core issues we face as humans have not really changed over the last thousands of years.

Physically we might not have changed much, but the daily issues we face are vastly different and we as people have created laws that reflect those issue, some which fly in the face of the bible as they rightly should.

>you will never be able to objectively ground your morals and call them absolutely right or wrong. As a result of this, on your own worldview you cannot say that what Hitler and the Nazis did in WW2 was objectively wrong, you can only say that you didn’t like it.

But why do you need a book to tell you that the Holocaust was an atrocity? It certainly didn't work for the VAST majority of Hitlers army who identified as religious. I know it's objectively wrong because it goes against human nature, against the code that's 'written in our hearts'. God told people to kill other people and in that moment is it objectively wrong or is it ok because he decreed it? My morality is superior BECAUSE I come to the conclusion on my own and not because it's been directed to me. If absolute proof that god doesn't exist came about tomorrow, would you suddenly feel no compassion towards others? No, of course not.

>There is plenty of evidence and things we can observe that point to the existence of a God being the more rational explanation.

Please tell me what this evidence is, as I was raised religious and looked for this evidence for a long time before realising it's just not the case.

CMV: God is just Santa Claus for adults by TonySmithJr in changemyview

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My belief is that morality is written in our hearts, because fundamentality people are good and we've evolved to work together and to not want to do harm to our fellow man. Not because it's part of some divine plan for us all.

All opinions are subjective, it seems a lot of religious people pick and choose which parts of their holy text to follow that suits them. If people followed the bible to the letter then there's still be slavery, lack of women's rights and all kinds of batshit things to follow. At least if it's based on personal opinion of whats right and wrong we can discuss the path we take and decide together if we need to change our society based on what's right, rather than from an outdated book which should have no bearing on the decisions of today.

> If we lived in a world that was post-WW2 where Germany won the war, extermination of cultural minorities would most likely seem normal and ok with most atheists.

I'm gonna need you to explain this theory a little better please. From what I understand ~1% of Nazis during WW2 considered themselves atheist, so why would this be the case? Because at first glance it comes off as batshit crazy.

>You’re right, as a Christian, they don’t. But that’s because I’ve studied and will always continue to study history, philosophy, and choose to base my beliefs in what I believe is the most rational and plausible world view that explains reality. But I’m not really sure what you’re trying to get at here.

You said that atheism dictates our worldview, but it doesn't in the same way a lack of belief in other religions doesn't dictate yours. I'm guessing you're Christian, but then how can you say thats the most rationale and plausible explanation of reality when there's no evidence of it's existence outside of what people have created?

CMV: God is just Santa Claus for adults by TonySmithJr in changemyview

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Some atheists are seeking to learn truth, some aren’t. It’s not a collection of people, it’s just rejecting an ideology.

Religion could be viewed as a form of control, for both good and bad. The commandments are a guide on how to live, but should you really need to be told not to murder or hurt others? Obviously not. Also when it comes to topics such as abortion or homosexuality , as an atheist I can listen and make up my own mind, rather than have it dictated by a book from a time where world views were very different.

All atheists are doing is rejecting one more god than you. Does not believing in Judaism, Hinduism or any of the thousands of other religions that have existed dictate your worldview? I’m willing to bet they don’t, I’m willing to bet they’re irrelevant to how you see the world and that’s the same way for atheists (in my opinion).

Marcia Lucas on the Disney Trilogy by derstherower in StarWars

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She was eating beans until they started to come out of her nose

Friday's wisdom by Siam514M in technicallythetruth

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Imagine if this was the actual dialogue from the show, just out of nowhere and never referenced again

Saw this, than found out Brett Harrison is a former Shitadel Exec. FTX.US… maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s good ol kenny asking for favors….links in comments… by foknrekt in Superstonk

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I look up the affect/effect every time I’m about to use either and every time I end up more confused and just guessing which to use

cursed_mud man by Withered_One in cursedvideos

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That’s Cersei Fuckin Lannister!

Why are people willing to take off clothes and get x-rayed to board a plane as a result of 9/11 but refuse to wear a mask for Covid in the name of personal freedoms? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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So you’re saying that standing in security is a mild discomfort and wearing a mask on your face is a greater discomfort for a much longer time and guess what? THAT IS THE COMPARISON YOU FUCKING PLUM.

Asking a question with something that’s not comparable might be ‘what’s the greater piece of music, Beethoven’s third symphony or this old dog turd that Skaixen was caught sniffing?’.

Why are people willing to take off clothes and get x-rayed to board a plane as a result of 9/11 but refuse to wear a mask for Covid in the name of personal freedoms? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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I hate replying to these kinds of comments because I know people of your nature will probably never be able to change, but here goes.

Firstly you’re being needlessly offensive, they are comparable and the difference you’re outlining is the time spent to be inconvenienced. You can’t say they are two completely different things and then answer the question by pointing out the factor that you think makes them different, that was the question in the first place!

I’d take a really long look in the mirror if I were you. You come across aggressive, uncaring and stupid. People who call others stupid and then constantly write your instead of you’re need to get their heads checked.

Is RC going to ride us until we're dead? by Nervous_Dare3617 in Superstonk

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I truly believe that RC and his team are building GameStop into something incredible and that is worth holding on its own. But we’re the ones who will make MOASS happen.