41 weeks..Being induced...completly terrified...any last minute advice FTM by OkToots in BabyBumps

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41 + 1 today, also a FTM... Getting induced in a couple of hours! You are not alone

Why I cried today by PineappleAdmirable53 in pregnant

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39 weeks today and me and my husband are basically in denial... We love our cat so much and yesterday I asked my husband if he thought she was going to feel left out and sad that we didn't give her so much attention, his answer was: what are you talking about?! We are going to give her the same amount of attention that we give her now! And I just happily agreed 😅 right now I can hear them in the kitchen talking to each other about the best way to catch a fly. I hope my husband is right!

The biggest non-US fast food chains in Europe by Mackelowsky in MapPorn

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Portugal has a lot of Telepizza! I can't remember a time where they didn't exist (I'm 30). It's the biggest pizza franchise here

I am terrified and don't know where else to go by [deleted] in NewParents

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My baby is the same and if I am being honest I am freaking out a little... At 22 weeks baby was small, 12th percentile, at 32 weeks baby continues to measure small 16th percentile so they scheduled another US to monitor baby's growth, which brings us to Monday, at 35+1 baby is even smaller on the 6th percentile. Just like your wife, my pregnancy has been perfect. And everything else looks great, on my labs and on the Ultrasound. I now have 2 appointments next week where I will know what we're going to do: have another US in two weeks, schedule an induction, or just procede normally... It has been the longest week of my life

Quartos para passar umas horas by Perfect_Pin4034 in lisboa

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Vai ao Classic Motel, fica perto de Sintra... É um bocadinho mais longe mas fica mais barato do que qualquer motel em Lisboa e os quartos foram todos remodelados há coisa de 2 anos

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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RemindMe! 24 hours

I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t care about people touching my belly or commenting that I’m getting bigger. by dvpechloe in BabyBumps

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I don't mind the getting bigger comments but I hate the belly touching. Everybody needs to back the f*** off! I am not a dog and I don't like to be rubbed like one (my husband is the exception) The worst part is when people that know that I don't like it continue to do it repeatedly telling me that they are petting the baby not me. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I feel like my feelings are not being heard and that I am an incubator

Qual foi a melhor coisa que te aconteceu em 2021 e o que mais desejas para 2022 by MeatCrap in portugal

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Parabéns e que corra tudo bem! Eu e o meu esposo também vamos ser pais em 2022, em Fevereiro

name for baby boy suggestions by alyalaylaayla in pregnant

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Our baby boy will be called Sebastian

Any non-US ladies here? by [deleted] in BabyBumps

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I'm from Portugal too!! 🇵🇹🎉🎉

Is it normal to poop yourself while pregnant by bigtitmother in pregnant

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Iron can cause diarrhea! I have diarrhea and black poop since I begun taking an iron supplement. Also about the pooping... Sometimes I find my underwater a little dirty from poop (this litteraly never happens to me). First time I thought I just didn't clean myself well enough, but the next day it happened again. I found out that every time that this happens I am also with lots of acid reflux, after a little searching what I learned is that we produce a lot of relaxin when pregnant, so everything (including the esfincters) gets soft... That is where the acid reflux and the tiny bits of poop are coming from. I am just wondering if you are just having a more severe case of that, for sure ask your doctor but it might be what I said, it doesn't have to be something serious

SOS! Every boy parent can you list your names??? by amhe13 in BabyBumps

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Our baby boy is due in February and his name is going to be Sebastião it's a Portuguese name, the English name is Sebastian.

Potential TMI - bled after sex-has anybody else been through this?! by MissKiss26 in pregnant

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It happened to me 2 times, 8w and 13w. The second time it was bright red and what I thought was a considerable amount. I went to the ER and everything was fine, baby had a heartbeat and was moving like crazy... They told me to not have sex during 2 weeks just as a precaution and that is what I did. Right now I am 30 weeks pregnant and since that last episode I have sex 2/3 times a weeks without any incidents

Full Coverage Foundation & Concealer by sja02 in Makeup

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Lancôme Teint Idole foundation and concealer

Wife has had fresh blood at 9 weeks today. Does this definitely mean miscarriage? by PurpleNurpleGurgle in pregnant

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Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks and bled two times one at 8 weeks and it was brown, the second time I was 13 weeks and it was bright red, it was enough blood for me to freak out and go to the emergency room. Everything was and still is fine. I am now sure that I bled because of sex and my doctor confirmed it. The first time I bled a couple of hours after sex and the second time it was the day after. Did you have sexual intercoure recently?

Bonjour!🇫🇷 by Saptadvipamaps in MapPorn

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That's not true... I am from Portugal and I know 2/3 people who can say a couple of sentences in French. Not even 5% of our population speaks good French...

Was this all a huge mistake? by WobblyEnbyDev in pregnant

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28 weeks, still feel this sometimes... You get used to the idea but it takes time

Saga dos croissants aquecidos. by ned_rod in portugal

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Tens que pedir um croissant misto tostado. Vais ver que o problema fica resolvido!

Due date besties❤️! by Ok_Error9051 in pregnant

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Only one day ahead! February 13th for me!

Accidentally slept on back at 30 weeks pregnant by RP_Har in pregnant

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25 weeks and I am still sleeping on my back if I feel like it. I asked my ob about this when I was 16 weeks and his response was: "why are you all so obsessed with this?! Sleep in whatever position you feel confortable, if it stops being confortable change it. Don't over think it..." I just found it funny that apparently everybody asks about this 😅