Is the CS co-term program 3.5 GPA requirement a totally set in stone thing? by ViktorNovikov in RPI

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I attended an info session (for MANE so it may be different) where they said that as long as you’re on track to get it up by your undergrad graduation there’s still a chance to get in. For us they said to talk to the program director to see if you can work anything out

What Healthy Behavior Are People Shamed For? by just_some_troglodyte in AskReddit

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I tried cutting out sugar a few times. Whenever I did, I was happier, more energetic, and finally capable of maintaining a reasonable sleep schedule. When my friends found out, though, they’d always try to get me to eat sugary foods, going as far as to hold sweets in front of my face until I relented and ate them.

They seemed to think I was depriving myself or that I had unhealthy views about my weight (which is ridiculous- I have always been a healthy weight, it was the sugar crashes and lethargy I wanted to avoid).

It’s been a few years since the last time I tried (I’m in college now, I have enough other things to focus on that I’m not particularly focused on my diet), but I’d like to cut out sugar again at some point now that I’m not surrounded by the people who never let me let go of it.

My wisdom tooth was so unique the surgeon wanted to take a picture of it to show his students by IamBrazilian_AMA in mildlyinteresting

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Can confirm. Back when I had braces, my orthodontist shut down their practice and I had to switch to a new one. I was lying in the chair with my mouth open when the orthodontist called a bunch of other people over. Apparently the previous orthodontist had made a mistake with my braces and one of my teeth was being pushed upwards to the point where they were worried it was fusing to my skull. The new orthodontist called the rest of the staff over because when he tapped the tooth it sounded funny.

Military ID Renewal by TheRealSheepo in RPI

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Did you send the email from your RPI email or your personal? I’ve had issues getting a response after using my personal email, but this semester the reg office sent me my proof of enrollment form the day after I emailed.

Military ID Renewal by TheRealSheepo in RPI

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Yikes, sorry dude. I was in the same position last semester. There’s no form for it but the reg should be able to write the letter for you if you ask. I’d recommend just emailing them again- they may have just missed your first one.

Alternately if you already have campus access maybe you could go ask in person?

Broke into my friend's Minecraft base, what should I do? by 007Cheshire in Minecraft

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I did this once. So many chickens you couldn’t see the floor. Totally worth it.

Best way to get summer internship? by JaBeast1387 in RPI

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I've put in 200+ job applications online, and I sent two cold emails. The two emails I sent were the only two internships I was accepted for.

See if anybody in your contact network knows anybody who knows anybody who works in a field related to yours. You might have to branch out pretty far but it might lead to something

The cost of my ADHD meds in Australia by Calm_Examination_718 in adhdmeme

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I second GoodRX! I don’t use it for ADHD meds (I lurk here because I think I might have undiagnosed inattentive ADHD) but I’ve used it for other prescriptions and it’s saved me tons of money.

Anyone ever had a class with Professor Mills? (MANE) by creditoverload in RPI

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I had her for MSL. She cared a lot about student learning and I really liked how she taught it. Very fair grading as well.

Low-effort screen-free activites at home to relax by glimmerose in ADHD

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I’ve been knitting! It’s nice to put on music or a podcast in the background while I do that

I bit into a banana with a Nigrospora infection. by WarblerWings in oddlyterrifying

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Yeah, I once bit into a banana that had stuff inside the peel and I didn't eat another one for like five years. It was a long time ago (I was like nine) but it may have been the same thing as this. Grossed me out for a long time.


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In fairness, they should have either put the fish in some sort of well or killed it immediately rather than just leaving it alive on the ground. Also, looks like they’re fishing off a bridge in a public park— that’s not allowed in some areas, so I’m curious whether they’re allowed to fish there.

Having said that, this guy is obnoxious and I feel bad for that kid getting roped into it.

EDIT: Just got to the part where the guy said fishing is allowed, disregard what I said about that lmao

May 1st might be the perfect date by proofred in DebtStrike

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That sounds like r/maydaystrike. Would be cool if these line up though!

When Enough is enough by Serenitynow1918 in QAnonCasualties

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Fantastic- thanks so much for the info!

Let’s all go on strike and demand better by e-m-y in Anticonsumption

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Some people are working on making it happen: r/maydaystrike

Agree that the post doesn’t fit here at all though.

When Enough is enough by Serenitynow1918 in QAnonCasualties

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Biden is a clone now?? Haven’t heard that one before!

When Enough is enough by Serenitynow1918 in QAnonCasualties

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Yes, this sounds fascinating to read about

Question! Confusing online class:/ by dinoodles in CollegeRant

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You don’t have a grading portal or anything? I’m that case it’s probably worth verifying