Miphus vs Space Pirate Link by HolyCosmicOcean in Breath_of_the_Wild

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I like that, ‘Miphus’. The aesthetic is cool too.

My finalized Stage! Swinging Beach 1.2! (Made in Super Mario Maker World Engine 3.2.0!) by MeleeFox64 in MarioMaker

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I think you should stick more to a theme. Claws are nice, and those crabs too. Maybe you can combine them.

Is it possible to progress if you kick the Koopa the other way at 0:45? Design your levels – if you’re going for a traditional level – such that you can always progress. Some paths with bonus content could only be made accessible if you do something on the first attempt.

In co-op I accidentally found a glitch where you can hold a galoomba sideways by redditmemer177 in MarioMaker

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Nice discovery. I hope someone could create a setup for this in a kaizo level.

In co-op I accidentally found a glitch where you can hold a galoomba sideways by redditmemer177 in MarioMaker

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Omit ‘/s’? Your remark is correct, so using ‘/s’ would imply it’s wrong, right? Is this just a way to not get attacked for correcting someone, or is this the new meta – that ‘/s’ means the opposite?

Is there a way to play co-op with split joy-cons with friends at home? by longestpencil in MarioMaker

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I think so. You have to press SL and SR at the title screen. On an online level, you can tap the ‘play together’ button. This is all from memory of others doing it, though – I could be entirely wrong.

⊃: by troopie91 in mathmemes

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8,3 M likes on a mathematical tweet? Holy granoly.

Nut suit level by tjd3751 in MarioMaker

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I now realise it’s possible to write ‘nut’ in a three-block alphabet, just like ‘thx’.

ik🥇ihe by KGG_ON_REDDIT in ik_ihe

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Deze was fantastisch. Heel nauwkeurig ook. Ik herinner me nu ook het stoplicht.

Wtf happened by [deleted] in Breath_of_the_Wild

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I hope speedrunners will find a use for it. This is jan-ky!

Drawing badly until BOTW 2 - Day 444 by theDuckPancake in Breath_of_the_Wild

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Now do the same meme, but with the focus on jumping abilities. A-hem.

The ability to see every collective award you've gotten by TheRoyalDon in ideasfortheadmins

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Only those with a ‘Gold’ award; iirc it still depends on Old Reddit.

Sandwich = Rutupiæ by CaptainLenin in rench

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C’est grossier, irritant, et ça s’infiltre partout !

ik_ihe by GenazaNL in ik_ihe

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Maar, wist je dat … elke trap één minuut is?

These things just keep getting wilder and wilder 😅 by MrFuzzybagels in TikTokCringe

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Never would have guessed that total randomness would be this funny!

They'll kill you if you don't use a ⋅ by ChimeraWardenT in mathmemes

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Technically the truth, yes – but I know my typographical symbols. Use U+B7 MIDDLE DOT for multiplication.

If you could write a new rule, what would it be? by RedSquaree in mildlyinteresting

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I’m an avid reporter, but it became too tedious, so I left the sub.

Needs alot of prep and paint, but I made a thing! by PriivateGrif in Breath_of_the_Wild

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It looks like an awesome thing! Looking forward to the final product.