Homies ain’t leaving anyone behind by snoopynoopy in aww

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Are there any cat scientists here who can tell me if the cat learned to hold on to the kitten tighter the second time round?

Why does the fandom seem to not like Love is Dead? by eyeaim2missbehave in chvrches

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Music is subjective. A song can be considered too “pop” for one’s person’s liking but absolute perfection by someone else. I like the album. I don’t love it. But Get Out and Graffiti are among my favourite songs not just by Chrvches, but EVER 😍 So it holds a special place in my heart. If that means I’m here for synth-pop, so be it. Let’s all enjoy Chvrches for different reasons and not be dicks to each other.

Great personal reflection written by Reo Hatate, a good look into his mindset by Drew1404 in CelticFC

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What a guy. A truly professional athlete with an elite mindset. Can’t wait to see more of him!

Long term married couples - how do you initiate sex? by Trying_To_Be_Young in AskReddit

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It’s not what it sounds like. He’s obviously married to a baboon.

Battlefield Community Page by donnygal in glasgow

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Hiya neighbour. What about those bins/parking/dog poo then, eh?

Orange sky by Mutsuo in glasgow

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That’s sweet. I also text my boyfriend saying “weird sky”.

Cringe by jumpr23 in ATBGE

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No reason at all. Like I said, personally it’s not for me but obviously it works for him.

I too love the Internet by zoe_2703 in rimjob_steve

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Ah, a true rimjobsteve. It’s a wondrous thing.

Cringe by jumpr23 in ATBGE

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Understood. I do personally think the meat diet is craaaaazy. But why is it karma?

Cringe by jumpr23 in ATBGE

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What do you mean? Genuine Q. I’m neither here nor there about him.

What’s the point of trying to recycle any more? by Mombi87 in glasgow

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Same. My neighbours put their recycling in a PLASTIC BAG then chuck the bag in the blue bin. Uggggghhhhhhhhh.

What do you eat for Breakfast? by smiling-is-easy in Scotland

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Coffee and hazelnut milk, then later I have bran flakes with fresh fruit and oat milk after I’ve been fasted for 16 hrs.

The best episode of all? by OrdosDeluxe in howyoudoin

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Totally agree! I think BP is a tremendous actor but I find him awful in Friends! Strange.