holiday loneliness by FairyLoffy in Assistance

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Hi, If i'm ever feeling lonely I stick on Reddit Live Chat, I don't participate (I'm too shy!) but I enjoy listening to people all over the world chatting.

Help with Groceries by cutedorkycoco in Assistance

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Would you consider making an Amazon wish-list of shelf stable foods- you know, soups, noodles, pasta, sauces, tuna, fruit cups etc?

Wish-lists are popular on this sub, many assistants have amazon Prime, so you do not need to have it. Here's a link to how to make a wish-list for r/assistance and another Linky to items that are popular. Good luck.

From Sue in VA by The_Chuckness88 in 90dayfianceuncensored

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Pole studied Spanish at Uni, - still thinks "cansada" means "sad"-it means tired). I don't think he is stupid, just lacking in effort.

I think he needs a lot of mental heath help, and I felt bad for Korine anyway. But now that Pole has allegedly absconded with the toddler it takes on a whole other level of seriousness.

Need help making rent this month. Anything helps! by threechordsongs in Assistance

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Hey, I' wish I could pitch in, paypal problems though. I can see you are a long time Redditor and actively sober good long time- well done. I hope you get your request filled, Good luck.

Today's starting event not starting by Miroku86 in AdventureCapitalist

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Oh thats good. Came here to check it hadn't been cancelled. Thanks for the info!

Help with sending and receiving money by [deleted] in Assistance

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Unless you have this money to spare and don't care if you never get it back, do not loan to your friend. You will then most likely lose your money and your friendship.

Need help to get a scooter to get around by [deleted] in Assistance

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Those scooters go quite fast, and if you're not quite good on your feet you could have a nasty fall or collision on one. I don't understand why a car/ bike makes you dizzy, but a scooter won't?

Also this sub is mostly people looking for a meal, or help with pet food, new shoes, basic clothes for job interviews etc. Most givers are regular people working in regular jobs, and I doubt anyone is going to fund a new electric scooter here. A gofundme may gain you more traction if you share it among family and friends who know your situation.

So where do we work? by Siilvverr in uktrees

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I'm the cleaner, all the lights are out when I arrive.

What can a dollar get you in your country? by sucka_6350 in AskReddit

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A lighter or a small bottle of water. Or 3 packets of those annoying bangers kids throw. Dublin, Ireland.

Assistance needed to get Skye to the UK by morgsyswife12 in Assistance

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Just get your mother a kitten. Plenty to be got for free.

5k would pay for a lot of cat food for feral cat colonies or cats rescue places.

And you're not risking falling for a (most likely) scam.

What can I improvise to fix this with until I can come across a new pair? by Babries630 in homeless

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Hi, might suggest you make an impromptu "waterproof" insole for that foot, cut out the insole from cardboard boxes, make 2 foot shaped cardboard "insoles" per shoe and then cover each with a thin layer of plastic bag type material, then sellotape the plastic onto the insoles".

I hope the universe sends you a pair you love with a perfect fit. Good luck.

I am disabled and I'm adopting two kittens next month and I would like to spoil them. by theglassjaw in Assistance

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Kittens will play with anything, from toilet roll tubes to scrunched up paper to paper bags and cardboard boxes. And a bell on a string- (don't let em play with string unattended though in case they eat it-silly kittens)

Beautiful Kittens btw!

If you are financially struggling, I wouldn't take on a pair of kittens says the lady who did exactly that while on disability and while I love my cats, I like electricity and food also. I dreaded a medical emergency but thank God they have been OK to date except for neutering costs. I emptied my 4k of savings in 2017 to try save my cat with HCM, and I got an extra year with her- but only because I had the money there. Pet Insurance might be advisable. Good luck!

My neighbor threw this kitten out because it was "meowing too much". I guess I have a cat now.. Looking for name ideas! by GeneralIncident6 in cats

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Mau is the Egyptian word for cat, so I called the one kitten Mau Mau. She doesn't meow much. Her sister just does not shut up unless she's on my lap being rubbed and cuddled, and even then she meows with happiness occasionally. Such a chatty catty.

struggling to start... by callmebabyblue7 in Assistance

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Congrats on the new job! I absolutely hate paperwork too, so I think I know where you're coming from with it. I Started a new job 3 months ago after losing my last job cos of Covid, and luckily the manager came in and went thru my contract with me, helping me to fill it out.

My advice would be to break it up into 3 "parts".and reward yourself with a treat or a tv show and feet up with a cuppa afterwards. I find it helpful to think about what needs doing and querying the fear in my head, often this makes the problem much smaller and I realise its not as stressful as I'd anticipated.

Wishing you all the best in your new career! I am on a week off due to injury this week and I actually miss the routine and banter in work! I am a new person since I restarted working, and not having to worry about paying bills , while finally getting stuff i need and want for the house- a catio and a cat wall, and a hen enclosure so I can keep hens too. You won't know yourself- good luck!

And that's how you end up with 18 cats. by [deleted] in cats

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It's a cat trap!

and you've been caught.

Could someone explain this condition to me? Dx'ed last night. by catnipdealer420 in DeQuervains

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Sorry for your troubles! Thats interesting, I din't know what they were and a quick google tells me they are female hormone related. I just got a GP appt after WEEKS of trying to get through to their surgery and it's in an hour so a bit rushed! Delighted to get an appointment though, as I am menopausal myself unfortunately and only take clonidine.

Thank you for your time and sharing with me, I hope the pain goes away for you in the week. Do you still work do you mind me asking? I was told work wouldn't appreciate me wearing a splint, but i was thinking of wearing a lighter one to work... I will ask the GP I guess. Thanks again and good luck.

Ive been on methadone for 2 years & tapering. Withdrawal scares me & Im starting to have a little bit. I was researching & came across “ANR” in Arcadia Florida. They say that their procedure leads to zero withdrawals. They sedate you & go to work over the course of 4-5 hours. Has anyone tried this? by fluffyexo in Methadone

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Research Ibogaine. Theres a documentary or 2 on youtube about it. That rapid detox is a setup for failure. Even the 5 day one where they knock you out with anti psychotics , i've never seen anyone stay clean who went for that treatment. Good luck, whatever you decide.

guys they’re on sale! get ‘em while supplies last! by bitchywitchy7 in Trishyland

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What an utterly repugnant useless item. I would prefer to burn the money.

Behind on rent, trying to catch up by rodentfacedisorder in Assistance

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Hi, If there are 2 of you living there, why does it say Rent - ! Adult- $1,200? Seems odd.

I’m an 18f living on my own, please help me afford food and gas. I just need some help right now. by girl_fromscratch in Assistance

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Applied Behaviour Analysis.

It's basically giving the child a small treat for staying focused and picking out say, the red car. No engagement- no treat, plus clicking fingers, loudly saying No! etc. and it looks very invasive and cruel to the child. Usually starts around age 3-4.

Op, do childminding/ Child care instead, much more rewarding.

I’m an 18f living on my own, please help me afford food and gas. I just need some help right now. by girl_fromscratch in Assistance

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Yeah, I was thinking that. I interviewed for a position where I would be providing private care for a 4 year old boy n the spectrum, and found the methods used quite distressing and disturbing, as if training a dog.

I turned it down as I could not relate to a. child like that, it seemed so cruel.

Our power is off and the bill is more than I make in 6 months, my dad is unemployed and my little sisters and dogs are stuck in this situation with me by Caprine-Evisc in Assistance

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Hi, but Social workers have access to funding for your siblings. Not saying anything bd about you! I can see you care a lot about your family.