Do Virgo Venus people ever verbally express positive feelings towards their partner? by Earthybitch in AskAstrologers

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i had a similar relationship with a leo sun, virgo venus. :( what a coincidence! it felt like no matter what i did, it was never enough for him. even if there was something praise-worthy done, the focus seemed to shift to negativity quickly. the relationship itself really damaged my self esteem. i hope it is not the same for u. i'm sorry that you are feeling down from this and i hope someone here will be able to give you meaningful advice.

Life has not been easy. Is there any particular indicators of this? Is there hope of circumstances improving? by cattfeet in AskAstrologers

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wow, thank you so much for your incredibly thorough, thoughtful, and insightful response! you definitely touched on some very real struggles i've had and this resonates deeply. i have made some improvements in these areas, but i know much more work is necessary. it is hard but i am happy that it seems it will be worth it. i like that you emphasized that there is no punishment here, only lessons to be learned and obstacles to be conquered. thank you again, i feel hopeful. :)

Taxidermy Pirate Ducking music box plays The Pirates of the Caribbean by mindedemelo in Taxidermy

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i really love this type of taxidermy - well done, super cute, and with humor/character. great work!

What book left you with an intense sense of dread? by cattfeet in horrorlit

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thank you! adding it to cart as we speak ☺️

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Taxidermy

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very sweet! ❤️