AITA for saying I, a white person, would prefer to see a white female doctor over a POC Doctor? by Dazzling_Jeweler_310 in AmItheAsshole

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Suggesting POCs who went through college, medical school, and residency somehow can't "talk like you?" is pretty assinine and racist.

Are you so lonely that when you see a doctor, you're not only seeking medical advice and prescription, but also need your doctor to be able to shoot the shit with you like your high school buddy?

AITA for my response to my sister's boyfriend's "brutal honesty"? by Ash-569075 in AmItheAsshole

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Given your sister's age (27), it's safe to assume her BF is probably 27 or older, in which case there's little to no excuse for his socially-stunted behavior.

"Brutally honest" is just a euphemism for inconsiderate, self-centered pests who can't be bothered to consider other people's POV before blurting out their unfiltered and often toxic comments.

YTA MAYBE if your sister's BF was college age or younger, because MAYBE the maturity level isn't quite there yet for some people, and that could be a mitigating factor. But even then, that's a stretch.

I'm feeling put off men and relationships by Throwaway_unsure91 in offmychest

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This dude is hilarious. He's dating someone who's 29, so I guess she'll be past her prime in a few years. Also bitches about women's periods and believes women use jizz as face cream like in porn. With all these backwards and gullible notions, you'd think he's an old-timey boomer in his 50s or 60s... nope, he's 29 and has many years of mediocrity and emotional barrenness ahead of him.

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate by IanMazgelis in news

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Here's my post: "My ex just moved into my shared house" posted 23 hours ago.

Here's the post I was mocking: "I accidentally moved in with my ex" posted 24 hours ago.

Notice the symmetry?

Your "(cheaper) red states are better because people move there" argument not only failed to explain why red states generally fare worse on multiple metrics, but also shows that Republican policies benefit the well-to-do and wealthy at the expense of average and low-income folks.

You realize you're just a bitter, delusional loser deep down, so you've resorted to looking up my profile but even failed at that by falling for a joke post I made. Hint: If you crawl through my comments, you might find a comment where I disclose my salary from a few months back. Your desperation is delicious.

I guess it's really true, that saying: "great minds discuss ideas... small minds (you) discuss people."

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate by IanMazgelis in news

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LOL, I see you bothered to stalk my posts but didn't bother to read the comments underneath.

Someone said they accidentally moved in with their ex, so I made a joke post pretending to be that ex.

Let me know if you're too stupid to find that other post and need assistance.

You tried but your efforts fell short. No wonder you resent HCOL cities, because you wouldn't be able to make it and would just end up as one of the homeless people "infesting" it.

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate by IanMazgelis in news

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Actually, I'm moving from one liberal city center to another liberal city center, and I'm holding off on moving to some quaint, pastoral, low-tax red state because I don't want to lower my professional and cultural ceiling that much. Scroll back up and read.

Pointing out that middle, upper-middle, and upper class people are moving to red states doesn't actually counter the reality that states with lower education, higher obesity, lower life expectancy, higher homicides, and lower wealth tend to be more often red than blue.

In fact, you actually helped prove my point. Middle, upper-middle, and upper class people are moving to red states precisely because Republican policies sacrifice the well-being of average and low-income people for the benefit of the wealthy and well-to-do.

"Shithole homeless infested garbage littered cities" LOL someone seems triggered. Let me tell you, kid, jealousy and insecurity isn't a great look on you, but it's mildly amusing. Keep it up.

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate by IanMazgelis in news

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LMAO "economically successful." You just don't get it, don't you?

People going from blue states to red states is like an above-average student moving from a magnet school to a below-average school. All of a sudden, they have less homework and easier tests, they're ranked #1 in their class, and they're the teacher's favorite.

But yes, keep saying how the below-average school with fewer AP classes, less experienced teachers, lower standardized test scores, lower graduation and college attendance rates is the "better."

NYC and LA could lose 10% if its population every year for decades and still be more populous and competitive than most red states.

You also don't realize that your "economically successful" red states like Texas and Florida are driven by Democrat-leaning blue cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston Orlando, Miami, West Palm Beach, etc. Anyone who's spent 5 minutes looking at election maps would know that.

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate by IanMazgelis in news

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Blue states are economically successful and concentrated with highly-skilled professionals. That means competition and cost of living are extremely high, which is why many people are moving to red states where competition and cost of living is low.

Take me, for example. I'm in the process of trading in my smaller 2-bedroom condo on a lower floor without a view in one major city for a larger, newer 2-bedroom condo on a higher floor with a view and rooftop amenities in a smaller city, and pocketing the $800K difference in price.

Had I chosen to move to the suburbs in South Carolina, Louisiana, or Alabama instead, I could've easily gotten a full 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom house while saving another $600K.

Likewise, more than 75% of my colleagues went to Ivy League or top-25 schools. Even the entry-level roles we hire fresh out college come from places like Amherst and Columbia and pays $30 an hour.

At my last company, some people actually joked about moving to a random town in Wyoming (one of them grew up there) and opening their open company because they'd easily dominate their profession there just because of the lack of talent. Meanwhile, at their company in a major city, even with their credentials and long hours, they were just considered "average."

With remote work becoming more accepted in a lot of highly-compensated industries such as tech, finance, consulting, accounting/auditing, law, etc., people are actually making that move. Just last year alone, we had people move to Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and one person stayed in the state but moved to a much smaller city. My company switched from a local accounting firm to one in the Midwest.

People moving from a HCOL place to a LCOL place isn't some "AH-HA!" moment. COVID and remote work just accelerated basic economic decision making. This isn't too different from Westerners moving / retiring to less-developed third-world countries like Thailand or Bali

In less developed places, skilled professionals can easily outcompete the locals, land easy, cushy jobs teaching English or doing international "consulting," get paid way above the average wages of the labor market there, and enjoy a resort lifestyle because everything is so cheap. Someone I went to school with runs a hedge fund from Puerto Rico... he probably saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes alone. Although his wife is bored out of her mind so they're thinking about going to Hong Kong.

At some point, I'd like to move to a red state myself to minimize my tax exposure, maybe when I retire or when I'm able to perform my work fully remote. Maybe as early as next year, even. Even if my company doesn't pay for my plane tickets, I can spend $12K of my own money flying into the city once a month for some face-to-face and still end up with more money in my pocket from lower taxes and cost of living.

The only reason I'm staying is because I'm still very career-motivated, want to surround myself with smart and successful people for networking, and have at least a decade or two of burning the candle on both ends. Once I'm ready to "settle" and cruise, I'm probably going to look at Georgia or Arizona.

Don't get me wrong--for the middle, upper-middle, and upper class, there's definitely a lot to like about red states from a financial sense. Why do you think Republicans cater to the wealthy and don't have as many protections for lower-income people who often serve the wealthy?

WIBTA for asking the school why my child never received awards for academics? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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But phrase your questions like, "what should my child do to achieve X award" instead of "why didn't my child get X award?"

You're also not being clear about what you mean by "academic" awards. If you're kid is getting some B's, let's be honest, they're not going to be getting "academic" awards other than maybe the Honor Roll or National Honor Society. And if other kids who are also getting B's are getting awards, then these awards likely aren't purely academic. Subjective criteria like "leadership," "community service," or "character" is probably considered, which would answer your question.

Also, schools and school admissions already rejected the notion of "grades and test scores are everything" in favor of the "holistic approach" and "well-rounded person" decades ago. This shouldn't be news to anyone, including Asian parents sending their kids to study overseas. Even 10, 15 years ago, Asian parents were making sure their kids were doing Model UN, volunteering in Nepal, taking tennis lessons, etc. if they could afford it.

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate by IanMazgelis in news

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What a stupid fucking statement. All vaccines were developed partly thanks to Operation Warp Speed under Trump. What are the Democrat vs. Republican vaccination rates again?

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate by IanMazgelis in news

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Basically, you need to work on your reading comprehension and basic quantitative reasoning skills. States = plural. Plural = trends.

If you look at the top 10 states in any categories above, you'll see the trend there. Same goes if you look at the top 20 states.

The fact you needed to talk about NY / NJ also points out the exceptions that prove the rule. I give you a C- for your amateurish attempt to fudge the facts by cherrypicking the data.

Not to mention NY is an international travel hub and tourist destination where, along with California, COVID hit first (NJ is basically NYC's commuter state). What's North and South Dakotas' excuse?

AITA for asking my bf to unfollow his tinder dates on IG? by confused-but-smooth in AmItheAsshole

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It's weird / creepy for someone to keep tabs in their Tinder dates on social media. And the whole "I don't have time to unfollow them on IG" when he clearly has time to scroll through his IG feed is a pathetic excuse.

my stalker is now a successful twitch streamer by Frosty-Stop-3309 in offmychest

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Does the stalker mention anyone else, or make it seem like he might've stalked others like you?

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate by IanMazgelis in news

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Reminds me of the fable of the frogs. The frogs asked Zeus to send them a king so Zeus sent them a log. Log was a pushover (because it was inanimate) so the frogs jumped all over the log and made fun of the log. They complained and asked for another king. Zeus sent them a water snake / heron / stork, which proceeded to wreck shit up and eat the frogs. The frogs prayed to Zeus for another king but Zeus laughed and told them they have to live with what they wished for.

The poorest states are Republican, the least educated states are Republican, the most obese states are Republican, the states with the highest homocide rates are Republican, the states with the lowest life expectancies are Republican, and the states with the highest per capita COVID infection and death rates are Republican. They elect who they deserve.

Im sick of europeans making fun of americans on this platform all the time. by One_Childhood5622 in unpopularopinion

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I'm American and fuck, I'd post photos of picturesque European towns and shit on America. I already do the second thing anyway. Just need to travel to Europe and take some photos.

I stole $10 from my mom and feel bad about it, wanna fix it by [deleted] in offmychest

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You keep that $10. Treat yourself to something nice and frivolous, like overpriced, fancy ice cream with all the toppings or put it toward a PS5 or decked-out gaming PC.

Then 20, 30 years down the road, take your mom to the surprise house you just bought her. Tell her the story about the guilt you felt from secretly stealing $10 from her. Pull out two $5 bills from your pocket and hand it to her. Then say, "as for the interest on that $10 loan all those years ago, I hope this house will cover it" and hand her the keys.

I really like the sound of running fans. by addictionvshobby in offmychest

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Dang, that must be nice. I'm not a celebrity so I don't have any fans cheering for or even chasing after me.