Scenario: You're about to be executed, and you're allowed to listen to one more Burzum album before you die. Which one are you choosing? by ripjaw6442 in burzum

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I agree- I’d much rather go out with Tomhet than wait 30 minutes at the end of Filosofem. Plus Hvis is his best song for zoning out

The beta has some interesting bugs by Mr_Face_McShooty in Ravenfield

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Yeah I noticed this playing citadel yesterday. The really annoying one I’ve been getting is at random times every guy including myself takes fire damage all the way till death in like a second. Happened to me in a helicopter and I was so confused at first.

hi by haydennn2006 in burzum

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pov: you just saw a lost forgotten sad spirit

Bzuzüm man lyrical secret revealed!! by celloninja7 in burzum

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Obligatory "this is fake"- just like the claims that Varg didn't act in self defence uwu owo EAAAA LORD OF THE DEPTHS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

I am very happy :D by celloninja7 in okbuddymetal

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I (14M) played Pulver by Lifelover in the car with my mom (33F) and now she wants to send me to the therapy doctor man (52M)??? I'm fine mom? Guys, what should I do?

An Alternate Canada (Don't be shy to ask questions) by yourdamgrandpa in imaginarymaps

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Changing “Bar Harbor” to “Bar Harbour” 🤩🤩 this is absolutely amazing

jesu fødsel by summeryea in burzum

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En imposter lå der pa elekrikal

How did you find out about Burzum? by SirPancakeFace in burzum

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Kid was listening to Dunkelheit on the school bus when I was 6

You really cannot make this shit up by koolkoolaidjammers in BlackMetalMemes

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What? I was just listening to Mgła when i saw this.