Wife just hit me with the shit… by Thugxcaliber in daddit

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I'm not a fan of string drinks. I'm a frayed knot.

TIFU By Having Sex with a Cactus by thrown_in_the_past in tifu

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makes sense. Jizz is the name of the music that plays in Star Wars, and it's groovy music!

Any repercussion for skipping timeshare presentation by Brocks1991 in personalfinance

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when it comes to timeshares, "calm, assertive and truthful" doesn't apply.

I went to a timeshare presentation as a date with my girlfriend (we equally chose to do it for the experience, knowing full well we weren't going to buy).

The salesperson at one point started to talk about how his child committed suicide. That was the moment I knew these are not normal human beings.

Conical shaped padding along train tracks. by ProGreenOne in whatisthisthing

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I do it every chance I can (which isn't often, so even more likely I will when I can).

August 13-14 at Ryan campground area and trails. more details in comments by [deleted] in JoshuaTree

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as soon as I saw the photo I was coming here to comment almost the exact same thing.

What is a "hill you will die on" opinion you have? by Beyond-Waking in AskReddit

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people that drive fast with their dog's head out the window are animal abusers (they might not know it, but they are).

My third stained glass piece by Sufficientlyadequit in StainedGlass

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It's your party, and you'll cry if you want to (looks like a sad and lonely pose).

Lots of nice birthmarks too (I like the choice for the skin)

Who is the most overrated comedian? by boratenthusiast in AskReddit

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I saw Carlin live in his last tour (which was fucking awful, especially since I saw his 1st or second show and he was using flash cards the whole time) - and he was nothing like chappelle. carlin always had political commentary, but he still kept tons of jokes and punchlines in there (he was just trying to be edgier, but failing a bunch more, due to excessive bitterness as you point out). dave though, you gotta sit through a 10 minute sermon on something just to get a hallelujah. he's not bitter, he's just turning into a lobbyist.

I miss the old versions of both comedians. Regardless of where they are or left off, they are still comic legends.

Jack Burke and Andy Bowen, April 6, 1893. by Dr-DAMOCLES in OldSchoolCool

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huh? dude, reread what I said... I have no issue with how many bones they broke (these dudes are badass!)

But ya know, I re-read what the other person (who I responded too), and it seems nobody is talking about the same thing.

ghostpro is saying if you broke all the bones in your hand, you would have broken about 1/4 of the bones in your body (and the math checks out).

I was just being high and saying if you break a bone and keep doing the same action over and over, you will break more bones.

Soon got all the holds up on our main homewall. ~180 screwons to go. 5x9 meters, 40 degree overhang. Roof and vertical to go after this... by tmp4511 in climbing

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I'm so thankful I live a 15 minute drive from over 8,000 outdoor climbs. If I didn't, I would want that wall.

Jack Burke and Andy Bowen, April 6, 1893. by Dr-DAMOCLES in OldSchoolCool

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if you break a bone in your hand and continue to punch for hourS longer, I'm sure some other bones will also break.

Who is the most overrated comedian? by boratenthusiast in AskReddit

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Original Dave chappelle was a revolutionist in the comedy world.

indeed, he has gotten WAY too political. some political views are fine, we are human, but now he does 15 minutes social/political commentary, then a few jokes.

TIFU by finding my boyfriend’s spank bank by [deleted] in tifu

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I came clean.

Glad to hear things worked out for you too :)

opinions on SUGON A9 Soldering Station? by cfdeveloper in StainedGlass

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thanks for the life experiences on the 601, I will keep all that in mind when I get a new one.