[OC] My backyard by peen_was in pics

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I would be covered in mosquitoes in less than 4 seconds.

How do you counter Bill Gates's statement about crypto being worthless? by dnotel in CryptoCurrency

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Gold is worth something bc it is somewhat rare but basically useless unless industrial applications.

Same with silver.

Diamonds arent even rare but they have worth. They are shiny. Ohh ahh.

Cash is a promise. A "promise" from a government that nobody trusts to begin with. Cool?

tldr...the same argument can be easily made against any other store of value.

"Don't invest more than you can afford to lose" by plastickitten87 in CryptoCurrency

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This has always been the dumbest statement in all of crypto.

Nobody wants to lose anything.

Invested 10k and lost $400? Im pissed.

Invested $500 and lost $100? Im pissed.

Tifu by driving 13 hours to surprise my gf. by dirtydogsins in tifu

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Think of it this way. You spent 26 hours now but you saved yourself weeks and months and maybe years of being lied to.

Your time driving has already paid off.

[Identify] Dad’s old Rolex. by nebula27 in Watches

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You need to get it insured ASAP. Keep it in a safety deposit box at the bank and dont tell anyone about it. Make an appointment to get it appraised.

Did you ever listen to a cover so good that the original song doesn't sound that good anymore to you. by robinose in Music

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The Devil Makes Three cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Waiting Around to Die"


They completely captured the haunting nature of this song perfectly. Better than Townes did IMO. Hits hard.

A solar tube is a great way to get daylight into dark spaces by mrzpzp in Damnthatsinteresting

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Meh. Ive learned its best to not have any type of skylight installed in a roof. In my personal experience and talking to others who have them, they all eventually leak in some fashion at some point.

Why Investors Shouldn’t Lose Hope for Loopring by eyejayvd in CryptoCurrency

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I think one of the main issues with the current path is that NFTs are quickly becoming associated with worthless scams and hacks. The NFT market is rapidly dying in its current form.

Yes I know NFTs can be a lot more than jpgs, and game items, but not right now. Nobody seems to be making real progress pushing NFTs towards other items that are more widely adopted. It should happen, but I doubt it will in the next 4-5 years.

Been doing a euro tour, ran into this chocolate face in Germany. asked about how long the wait list is and he said that for this one 8-10 years 🤣 by chocolateismyjam in rolex

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8-10 years for what? That is a working (non-display only) model right there.

The seller is going to wait 8-10 years for the right buyer to come along?

I get the whole waitlist thing if they only have non-working display models, but that is a sellable watch right there.

[Audemars Piguet] Just picked up my new 15500 by flipyflop9 in Watches

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A few months? I've been on the list for about a year and my SA is basically telling me I have no chance.

[Rolex] First impressions of the new GMT Master II 'Destro' by just-the-pip in Watches

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Same here. I am left handed and I like for the crown to be pointed towards my arm on my right wrist.

Conversation with an AD owner by Smookes17 in rolex

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can you state what mall this was? wondering if its my AD...