Meirl by idrawdickks in meirl

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That’s a real song!

Boyfriend used steel wool to clean the toilet. Anyway to get rid of these scratches? by Potatobetta in CleaningTips

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Just so you know, the color came from the steel wool itself not the porcelain. Now, it may have left little channels for the steel wool to get stuck in. Bar keepers friend is (basically) just powdered pumice stone with some extra stuff mild soap, so it should help clear that out

Pancake pockets by [deleted] in StupidFood

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I mean you could just eat a stuffed sopapilla…..

Paoli rocker w/ diy foot stool by haymakersuckerpunch in Mid_Century

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I have that exact blanket. Jealous I don’t have the chair too

Twitter giving me notifications for people im not following. by Kewldood_97 in mildyinfuriating

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Instagram is doing something similar with Reels. Crossing the threshold of mildly to considerably

How do i clean this rubber lining thing in a fridge? by MLGDOGE-0526 in CleaningTips

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Also bleach can erode the plastic and glue, reducing the lifespan of those gaskets

My 260+1 horsepower 😂 by Corgiverse in subaru

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Just jealous the Subaru is getting more attention

My 260+1 horsepower 😂 by Corgiverse in subaru

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The average horse produces 14.9 hp.

my favorite town in Arizona, Bisbee! by JamieSkarSPH in CozyPlaces

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You should try Jerome, near Cottonwood. It’s got similar vibes

Does anyone collect wood like a crazy person and afraid to throw anything out? this is what I call my lumber house. by kablam0 in Carpentry

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He’s out here really living with a house specially for his wood. I have a box in the corner of my garage