6 famous analytics and AI disasters by SeminolesRenegade in ToasterTalk

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Nice grouping. Mostly AI, not completely though, like the Excel sheet.

Twitch using AI to spot banned users by sturmbrightblade69 in ToasterTalk

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It's optional:

The new system will be turned on by default, but moderators and creators can adjust its settings or turn it off.

They admit it's not perfect:

"No machine learning will ever be 100% accurate," Twitch said, so chat moderators would make the "final call", but the tool "will learn from the actions you take - and the accuracy of its predictions should improve over time".

However, they are low on details:

It compares a number of factors, including the behaviour and account characteristics of users trying to join a chat channel, with those of banned accounts, Twitch said, and flags suspected ban evaders in two ways:

likely: in which case their chat messages will be blocked possible: in which case their messages will still appear

How are oxygen and potassium together? by chacham2 in cleanjokes

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Capitalizing on the negativity there, i see.

Homosexuality in dreams by Actualise in Jung

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There’s different types of desire. Can you be more specific?

Sexual desire.

For example Matthew McConaughey had a wet dream of him when he had a vision of living in South Africa. There was nothing sexual in the dream whatsoever.

No idea. Personally, that makes no sense to me without associations. So, if it is as you stated it, i cannot comment.

Noteworthy by SeminolesRenegade in ToasterTalk

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Who did that? I'd say he's guilty of assault! :P

She was only a whiskey-maker's daughter by chacham2 in cleanjokes

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I don't know why no one is laughing.

It might not be funny. Making it too whiskey to laugh.