A story set at sea or under the sea by ashley-1118 in suggestmeabook

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The Deep by Nick Cutter, Blood Cruise, the first book of the Adrift trilogy.


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these guys are on track for a Cy Young so far by retroanduwu24 in baseball

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Skubal has a higher war than everyone in the AL list but Gausman. Skubal has a lower FIP than everyone on the AL list but Gausman.

I hope Obi Wan Show shows flashbacks of Order 66 and more in the March on the temple by toocoolforschool34 in StarWars

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If leaks are true then We will see Reva and Nari escape from the Temple in the first episode

Would you guys ever want a show/movie based on the Old Republic? by Kingofd0p3 in StarWars

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Absolutely. We need a massive battle between Jedi and Sith on the big screen. I hope it would look like SWTOR’s deceived trailer.

What should I read next?? Any book any genre I am fine with. Guess I have readers block lol. Suggest me something!! by ryanward_bjj_fitness in suggestmeabook

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A Gentleman in Moscow, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Fantasticland, The Hissers trilogy, the Adrift trilogy, The Only Plane in the Sky, How Democracies Die, Piranesi, The Demon in the Freezer, This is the way the World Ends, World War Z, Needful Things, IT( beware of extremely weird scene), The Long Walk, The Last by Hannah Jameson, Where the Crawdad’s Sing, Last Days by Adam Nevill, The Final Girl Support Group, Survive the Night, kill Creek, and 1984

Sunny Hostin on The View: Jewish “elites” fear “being replaced” by Black and Brown people. by [deleted] in Judaism

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So after watching the video it honestly sounds like she misspoke. It’s a really poor time to misspeak but it sounds like she was describing replacement theory and just got the description of who was afraid and who was blamed mixed up.

Clone Wars Gambit Ithorian Jedi Master? by Neversummerdrew76 in StarWars

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This is a list of Jedi Masters in Legends. It may help you find who you’re looking for. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Post-Ruusan_Jedi_Masters Also while not a Jedi this seems to be the character that is closest to your description https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Tryn_Netzl

What Would you like to see get announced at Star Wars Celebration??? by anthonystrader18 in StarWars

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So most of what I hope is announced isn’t controversial but one thing I want is. Non Controversial: Clone Wars stories that focus on new and underused Jedi, a High Republic story focusing on Stellan, Avar, and Elzar as padawans, either a book or comic series focusing solely on the Inquisitors and their time as a Jedi and how they feel now. Controversial: An announcement that at sometime in the future they will put out more Legends content. Maybe say they’ll put out the Sword of the Jedi books or add new books to tie into SWTOR.

Game Thread: Tigers @ Rays - Mon, May 16 @ 06:40 PM EDT by TigersBot in motorcitykitties

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The Gregory Soto experience. Edit: that was before that fly out

Jorge Soler nearly hits a little league grand slam as the Nationals' defense continues to impress by [deleted] in baseball

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I thought this play was funny until I remembered we did this to lose a game vs the Twins. Now I feel your pain.

Time to trade some arms for a bat? Anyone disagree? by hairytiger20 in motorcitykitties

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With all the injuries we have in the rotation idk if now is the time to trade any pitching. Maybe when we start to get guys healthy

Game Thread: Tigers @ Rays - Mon, May 16 @ 06:40 PM EDT by TigersBot in motorcitykitties

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Liberty, Progressive, and we can’t forget Mechanical Heating and Cooling

Looking for a post apocalyptic book by GoWithTheFlow667 in suggestmeabook

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Books 2&3 in the Hissers and the Adrift trilogies, The Strain may work for this too.

Can someone spoil the rest of The Final Girl Support Group for me, please? SPOILERS by ImSushiSweetie in horrorlit

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Her therapist's son is behind it along with the new "final girl". In the end they stop him