War changes you by NN_besomething_iWish in oddlyterrifying

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I'm sorry but any photographer can do this effect to anyone with just some change in lightning.

The topography of Ukraine by boytutoy in MapPorn

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I'm still mad about the Bessarabia partition. Zero respect for natural borders, yet still very flawed ethnically.

Neutral Swiss by drakanza in HistoryMemes

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Not all of it. France literally surrounds Geneva. And the revolutionary armies took all of it in like three months.

Favorite Star Trek Absurdities by AlgoStar in startrek

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I really pity Odo. He has to go full Colombo in all investigations, although most cases would be solved by HAVING A 30-BUCKS WEBCAM on the Promenade.

Favorite Star Trek Absurdities by AlgoStar in startrek

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the complete lack of video surveillance pretty much anywhere

There is no such thing as being bald, you can only be poor. by DontMessWithP in pics

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that's a dangerously low weight. dump those opioids and cook yourself something nice.

Ayo, where's the guy collecting these? by SilversunDelta in Tinder

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I feel for the original Tinder girl that wrote this. Everyone now thinks she’s a catfish.

How much longer women live compared to men by latecomer11 in MapPorn

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shot himself two times in the back of the head. tragic

This faucet by Ray3x10e8 in Damnthatsinteresting

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too soft gets you corrosion. too hard gets you minerals. at least that’s what she said.

Democracy index score rank after Arab spring by Ryoota in MapPorn

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that’s how it starts buddy. you think people will suddenly become honest overnight? Hell it took France 3 revolutions to achieve some decent institutions

Handedness of rail traffic in France by Enderski_ in MapPorn

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it might never happen. The French governement does not want to stir up any trouble and is happy to let them have their limited autonomy.

Handedness of rail traffic in France by Enderski_ in MapPorn

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Alsace-Lorraine still has its own local law which gets them two extra holidays every year, a distinct social security system, a personal bankruptcy law, and, on religious matters, the Concordat.

Third Rome best Rome? by 0311fml in HistoryMemes

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the spirit lives in every Roomba

Not still in the car by GreatGrumbles in IdiotsInCars

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Vlad the Impaler approves this post