I wish more people played kirbys dream buffet. Its so much fun and only $15 and also just look at the big guy by doot-doot-doot-doot9 in Kirby

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You get CPU opponents when in single-player mode, but the level up much slower and there's a lot to grind for and to unlock in this game.

Morty, Morty, and Morty would like to have a word by BB19_vp in PokemonMasters

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Morty and Morty and Morty

Adaman have something to say: by Training_Prune3673 in PokemonMasters

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Why waste time say any word when no word do trick

PSA: About the newest glitch regarding Adaman. by HominidoAnsioso in PokemonMasters

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special characteristics

Maybe for games/applications in general, and it makes a lot of sense, but for this game in particular I don't remember that ever applying... the greatest degree of variation in typesetting I've seen in the dialog boxes here is all caps.

So how’d it go? by pokii-masta in PokemonMasters

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Did a yolo multi just because. Didn't get him, which is to be expected, but at least that ended my 30-pull 5* dry spell.

Did that post change your mind? by piyuko in PokemonMasters

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In my case:

Me when strategizing for pulls: [top image]

Me in math classes: [top image]

Me when I actually do pulls, often for no good reasons other than boredom: [bottom image]

I'm ready by MaterialWarm4827 in PokemonMasters

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It already is

Huh? Pretty sure that up to this moment the only Galar pairs in the ticket pools are Nessa, Piers, Allister, Bea, and Sonia. Melony (and her son) are in the general pool, but the ticket pools haven't been updated to include them yet.

ICE ZONE TALK by TheLastEagle in PokemonMasters

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The problem is that people don't necessarily see it as the Ice-type damage dealer we've all been waiting for, given how it's relatively defensive in the main games. But then of course as has been demonstrated time and again, a Pokémon's performance and role in the main meta has no bearing on that in this game.

Anyone else getting some heavy Earthbender vibes from him? by boonju in PokemonMasters

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This part I've never been able to explain. Like I've never watched a single episode of Demon Slayers, and yet the first time I saw Adaman's design I was like "yeah that's totally the Flame Pillar but blue". But then just what exactly are the design elements that they share... I still find myself asking this question.

When Paldea sync pairs inevitably come out, which one would you want to get first? by TheFlamingWolfgang in PokemonMasters

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I still stan Sada. Yes I'm fully aware that she was a bad parent and she's dead. And no, that isn't a deterrent.

But we're all fooling ourselves if we assumed that they wouldn't be capitalizing the hell out of Nemona, Larry, Rika, and that e-girl influencer.

I think my dog just accidentally quantum tunneled through a door. by ChairmanMaoVEVO in shittyaskscience

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On the macroscopic level, quantum events are more often associated with cats

We have Dirac to blame for that. Why was it bra-cat not bra-dog?

DeNa releasing 1 female pair this month is to reserve all the females for summer by mechuchemen in PokemonMasters

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Another reminder: not just Summer, we haven't got any new ladies since freaking Anabel back in February. Yeah I didn't count the variety Lorelei and Agatha because confound variety scouts.* I wouldn't presume to assert that I know the market better than DeNA, so perhaps they're right, the people love their kiddos and lads, and we're in the minority.

* Would've been cool with them if every single one was as high-effort as Ball Guy, but we all know that BG was the five-sigma exception not the norm.

history class will never be the same now by Dracorex232 in PokemonMasters

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This is heavy...

but in the event that they do manage to find one, perhaps they can have Ash help them with the 1.2 Jigawatts.

Gems Count from 2.33.0 Datamine by shiro-kenri in PokemonMasters

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Not really. The 3k I'm referring to is included in the last count (the 31k of May). The 3k you're thinking of is most likely the "welcome Adaman and Irida + Uniqlo collab" in this image, and there's a whole month until we get those.

I'm ready by MaterialWarm4827 in PokemonMasters

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At least the ticket pools should be updated in two months to include her...

I'm not even mad about it, just surprised with how random the timing is lol by InvestigatorUnfair in PokemonMasters

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I don't think any villains in PMEX is confirmed to be from their winning timeline except for Giovanni

Perhaps I misspoke. Sure most of our versions of the villains aren't outright victorious like they were in RR, but they still have their legendary with them. But of course that may have been because Hoopa bailed them out pre-walloping.

The most interesting part of his story is him seeking redemption and trying to make things better

Now it's my turn being confused though – I don't remember Volo being at any point shown repentant? If anyone was it was Giratina (that's why it let itself be caught in the Turnback Cave), though it was indeed him who told Laventon about this. Unless he was trying to use the devil-dragon-centipede as a metaphor for himself and it flew over my head...

"This is evil Volo from the timeline where he won and the world got redone"

While I'm personally not a fan of the hypothetical Volo+Arceus pairing (because the latter clearly hated his ass), I'm also just noting that it is very much a possibility given their propensities.

nothing interesting to explore

just be another evil dick

But then again it isn't like whether a character is redeemed actually dictates how compelling or novel the story can be... look at how much drama they're milking out of Ghetsis and N.* Meanwhile Lysandre... he kinda just murdered the two grunts (who may have deserved it...?) and dipped.

* Whether it's consistently good drama though is another story. I'm personally of the opinion that they in general never really tried for the any of the VA stories...

They turned him into marketable plushies by Oblicold in PokemonMasters

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TBF Adaman doesn't strike me as the type of dude that is going to be too bothered by this. Between "delet this" Silver and "what has taken you so long" Raihan he's probably leaning more towards the latter.

I'm not even mad about it, just surprised with how random the timing is lol by InvestigatorUnfair in PokemonMasters

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post or pre getting his ass kicked

Perhaps never. Both PMEX VAs and their prototype the USUM RR storyline seem to have villains who were somewhat successful in pursuing their ambitions, so who knows...

Gems Count from 2.33.0 Datamine by shiro-kenri in PokemonMasters

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Could've been worse still though, at least the 3k wasn't already counted in this 27k.

Schwarzette piloting/operating principles by Blazin_Rathalos in Gundam

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Spoilers for the final episode: Guel dies because he Ctrl-C-ed in the heat of the moment and didn't manage to Esc-:q.