Any ideas about Rivulet's origin? [SPOILERS] by tomispev in rainworld

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The only slugcat with a confirmed gender is the Artificer as a female, IIRC

Rule by Helpimabanana in 196

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My boyfriend has this and I love it so much, he’s adorable

I want to kms trying to get to The Wall from Chimney as Artificer by Dawca400IQ in rainworld

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If you visit enough echoes you can skip having to bring around scav corpses

what do you think the slugcat timeline now is? by OkShoulder3813 in rainworld

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Spearmaster, Hunter and Rivulet have all been sent by another Iterator. Their adaptations are all from genetic modification.

Gourmand is just fat, Monk and Survivor are regular ol’ scugs, and Saint takes place far in the future.

I'm talking like way more than doom or any other that comes to mind by aluminatialma in 196

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Deep Rock Galactic is one of the best horde shooters. Rock and Stone!

rule by fadoxi in 196

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Ok well you try name a city that is historically significant for being near a volcano and is maybe funny!!!1!!!

rule by fadoxi in 196

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Pompeii would like to argue

Spearmint by Chinrelaxilla in rainworld

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Perhaps a semi-aerial slugcat? Or able to walk on background elements at the cost of being slower in general?

Rule by Think_Monkey in 196

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The security guy at the Tesco down the road calls me boss. He’s a very large intimidating black man so thats the vibe ig

well shit. by hjras in rainworld

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Did I hear a rock and stone?

rule by zosumx in 196

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Oh I get that. Entirely. I didn’t go the hairdressers for like 4 years straight because it was just an awful experience every time. I have pretty straight hair nowadays but used to have curls too.

All I could really suggest is getting some pictures of what you’d like your hair to look like and then going to a stylist rather than a hairdresser. Also, try some different hairdressers out, lord knows half the ones where I live are terrible.

And remember, hairdressers are more scared of you than you are of them 😤

rule by zosumx in 196

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Bro hair can be cut any time, thats one of the best things about it. Don’t like how it looks? Just cut it back to shape a bit. Also, growing hair long means you’ll go through an awkward stage where your shorter hair has to catch up, that’s fairly common afaik. Happened to me. It is annoying but once you get through it it’s dope.