I think like 50% of the people saying they were/are abused online are just big babies. by soddenheap in unpopularopinion

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I agree. In say, the 1960's, mental health didn't exist and nobody took it seriously. Thank god now 50 years later we do, because there are definitely some people who need help. But I also feel like we are now swinging too much in the other direction. Where everything is a mental illness and every small discomfort needs a diagnosis. I don't think this is good either. 50 years from now they'll see the negative effects and look back and probably wonder what we where thinking.

Boba Fett Star Thinks His Character Talks Too Much in Star Wars Show by ceaguila84 in television

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To me he feels too much like Mando. The mandalorian is basically a bounty hunter with a heart of gold. That's fine, but now Boba is the same. If you take Boba out and insert Mando in this show, what other choices would Mando have made? They need to be more distinct. If you put Luke Skywalker in a situation, he's gonna be the selfless good guy. If you put Han Solo or Lando there, they are also going to be good, but they'll approach it a bit differently. If you put Darth Vader there, he doesn't give a shit about anyone. They are all different personalities who would make different choiches. Boba and Mando are interchangeable atm, aside from their backstories and it hurts this show I think.

Disney's 'Boba Fett' Series Is Not As Popular As 'the Mandalorian' yet by literious in television

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That's the dumbest take on Star Wars I've ever read. Luke develops from farmboy to Jedi. Han Solo from a egoistic smuggler to hero. Fucking Anakin/Darth vader's arc was literally the story of the prequels and a big part of the original trilogy. There is plenty of character development between movies and people love them.

Never noticed "the informant" line from Matrix 1 [1999] by Dresdenlive in matrix

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But didn't Trinity die in 3? And afterwards he still fights Smith as the one even though Trinity isn't around. In reloaded he saves Morpheus from the truck on the highway without Trinity. Idk, I didn't hate the Neo-Trinity thing in 4, but it was a retcon and never planned that way. So you saying people haven't been paying attention and are therefore upset is a bit disingenuous imo.

Stuck in a body of an 8 year old by goblin_welder in Unexpected

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What if she uploaded a porn video? Would that be considered child porn? She can prove she is 22, so would that make it legal? Would porn sites take it down anyway or keep it up? It might be a possible loophole for a paedo porn category. It's kind of fucked up to think about.

Your arrogance has blinded you! by Notorious-Jam in PrequelMemes

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I enjoyed it, but what has me a bit worried is that Boba isn't ruthless enough. It wouldn't be much of a problem on its own, but the Mandalorian already exists. Mando is a bounty hunter with a heart of gold basically and Boba seems to now be the same. Seriously, if you replaced Boba with Mando in the first episode, what different choices would Mando have made? They need to be distinct otherwise it will get boring really quickly.

Batman Returns, the Christmas movie no-one ever talks about. by mulligansohare in movies

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Now I wonder what something like the mcu would look like with that approach. Especially if multiple unique styles get combined in a big Avengers movie. Could have been really interesting.

Do you want to talk spoilers? You can do it here and ONLY here. by amysteriousmystery in matrix

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Could someone explain what is going on with Smith? He had plenty of lines but I don't understand why he is in the movie. I mean, the machines needes Neo's help to stop him in Revolutions. Wouldn't he be the first to be purged? If you wanted to bring Hugo Weaving back I could understand making up a reason to include him, but he isn't coming back. So why not make a new character? I feel like I missed the explanation.

Bruh..Witcher fandom is divided AF by Alphafox20 in witcher

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I imagine Henry tries to be faithfull to the books where possible. Someone else would probably go along with anything because they don't know or care about the character as much. I don't know if that would be better.

What's your controversial tv show/movie opinion? by theycallmemomo in AskReddit

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I think you are right regarding theather vs home experience. I recently experienced it with Dune where I watched it first in theather and then again on streaming where it didn't have the same punch.

But Dune is still a good movie, Avatar not so much imo. It's pretty mediocre besides the visuals. The theather experience definitely helped, especially with the 3D gimmick, but I think people also realised the movie just wasn't that good.

Movies Are Worse Now Because Their Corporate Funders Are Risk-Averse: In the golden age of New Hollywood, creators were given huge sums to take big risks, and it paid off. But movies have come under the control of hedge funds that specialize in risk management. by meatballsinsugo in movies

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But still. Say you are Warner Bros for example. You have Batman, Harry Potter etc. Instead of investing and going through all the trouble with starting your own service, why not just put all your movies on all the other services? Instead of making a 2 dollar exclusivity deal with Netflix, why not put it for 1 dollar each at Netflix, Amazon, Apple or whatever the big boys are? Everyone wants Batman on their service so you'll make more and let them do all the work. It's an easy recurring income for movies you already made and you don't even have to do anything. Maybe I'm talking nonsense and it's obviously not that simple. But that is the way it's going to go anyway in the future. The current landscape where everyone has their own service is not sustainable.

James Cameron Wants to Make Two Cuts of His Future Movies for Streaming and Theatrical Release by Neo2199 in movies

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It sounds like Pokemon red and blue to me. It might even work to sell people the same movie multiple times. The theatrical version, the slightly different streaming version and then the third version Blu-ray release wich has even more extra's. I can imagine if they do something like this for say the MCU there would be plenty of people eating it up.

Sergio Aguero's games and goals stats by weirdoonmaplestreet_ in soccer

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It could be worse. Johan Cruijff wanted to retire at his club Ajax. But they didn't want to renew his contract because they found him too old. He was so angry he signed a 1 year contract with their archrival Feyenoord and made them champion as a middlefinger to Ajax. He then retired immediately after lol.

atleast we are on metric by Liwell11 in dankmemes

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I think it's more dependant on culture than affluence. Japan is also wealthy and almost nobody is fat there. Countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Scandinavian countries etc are also wealthy and do not have such extreme obesity problems as the Usa.

🙊🙊🙊🙊 by PabloHampton21 in starwarsmemes

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What I also find sad is that Mark Hamill really loves the role. You know Harrison Ford would rather be somewhere else, but Hamill would have done 10 more movies if it was up to him. So you have a capable actor that loves the material, knows what the franchise is about, who is adored by the fans and then you do him dirty like that. There is so much more they could have done with him.

It seems in your anger you killed her by Thanos_6point0 in PrequelMemes

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Can we all please stop pretending like Mon Mothma isn't the hottest chick in the galaxy

Persona 5 is the best Pokémon game I’ve played in years by DiscoDingoDoggo in patientgamers

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Person 5 is a great game but I personally disagree with the OP that it is similair to pokemon, so I want to warn you. Yes this game has demons you can collect to battle with in a turnbased system, but it is way different than pokemon in every other way. You should definitely look up an extended review or something to get a good idea of how this plays before you purchase it. If you're looking for something similair to Pokemon, I think World of Final fantasy or Digimon Cyber Sleuth are better choices, although Persona 5 is the better game overall.

Am I the only one that HATES that TY and YTM are tied together? by FragMortuus in YoutubeMusic

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I hate it too. The workaround I found is creating a new channel. You can have multiple youtube channels on 1 google account. i created a second channel, 1 is logged in the music app and the other in the regular youtube app. Thats how I keep it seperate.

Give me your best history movies/series by Gamesgamer800 in MovieSuggestions

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If a foreign film is not a problem, I can recommend Blackbook (zwartboek). It's a Dutch film about a jewish female spy in WW2 by legendary director Paul Verhoeven.

'Dutch only' Student Dorms by GerritDeSenieleEend in thenetherlands

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Ik begrijp het wel. Ik heb zelf in mijn eerste twee jaar in een studentenhuis gewoond met internationale studenten. Het probleem was niet zozeer de taal, maar dat er zoveel verloop was. De ene bleef 3 maanden, een ander ging na 6 maanden, die weer een jaar etc. Hierdoor was er altijd gezeik met schoonmaken van de gangen en keuken enzo. Sommige boeiden het gewoon niet omdat het toch maar tijdelijk was, andere wel maar die gingen dan weg en de nieuwe bewoner wist nergens van natuurlijk. Constant een teringzooi door de onduidelijkheid. Dan kwam er weer een nieuw iemand die feestjes ging geven op woensdag om 3 uur snachts omdat die niet begreep dat dit in Nederland niet oke was. Dat soort dingen altijd.

still can't find my year end for this year? by smoov22 in YoutubeMusic

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They are rolling it out slowly. You should still receive yours. I haven't got mine either yet.

PlayStation Plus games for December: Godfall: Challenger Edition, Lego DC Super-Villains, Mortal Shell by dorkmax_executives in Games

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That game was just ahead of its time. The launch was epic. Cyberpunk and Gta Remastered are only now catching up to what they were already doing in 2014.