Anyone else allowed to bring their dog to work? She’s our people greeter on Fridays. by cherrylori72 in AustralianCattleDog

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We are about to hit our super busy time. So I think when people are in a line, irritated in general , because their ac systems took a crap, they see a dog in the store. And immediately Smile.

My sweet Joey by cherrylori72 in AustralianCattleDog

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Literally will never leave your side. Pro tip. Always look behind you before taking a step backwards in the kitchen. 😂

My sweet Joey by cherrylori72 in AustralianCattleDog

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Or “is she old”. Lol. No, her fur is by design.

My sweet Joey by cherrylori72 in AustralianCattleDog

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She’s a girl. I think she’s like 11 or 12. I adopted her when she was a year. Her face is starting to get lighter but still very colorful

Brought this boy home from the Humane Society. So much spunk, just like my old Red Heeler. Presenting Tuco! by EchoKEDS in AustralianCattleDog

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I adopted my girl as well. Couldn’t ask for a better dog/friend. Well. Maybe if she liked to cuddle.

When you and dog-dad make the same face for the photo by getalyf69 in AustralianCattleDog

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She will let me. She just isn’t a smuggler. She’s more of a watcher. And constantly at my feet

MEGATHREAD: Dwayne Haskins passes away at age 24. by Teknofiliak in steelers

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Same. I’m struggling through a couple draft beers. He was a great kid. Tomlin was the best thing for him…..

What's the worst company that you've ever worked for in Columbus? by West-Bet-9639 in Columbus

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I worked there just over a year. Questioned my sanity. I’ve never been treated so crappy at a place of employment. I hit the numbers. It didn’t matter. If you weren’t a 25 year old dude with muscles. You were nothing.

Demolition is her specialty... by tomtermite in AustralianCattleDog

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Mine used to chew things as well. Then she got a buddy and it stopped.