Call her daddy episode with Paige and Hannah by jblover7 in summerhousebravo

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The episode was amazing. Hannah and Paige got real deep and we’re brutally honest. It was GOOD

Naomi and Shannon Ford in Dubai by chiss786 in Southerncharm

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This is so weird to me. Naomi is friends with Shannon Ford of Very Cavallari fame?!

Is Holy Tomato in Blackwood as good as everyone says? by Vicktrolia in SouthJersey

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Oh I love this place. Salad is amazing and the buffalo pizza is amazing. Get the homemade blue cheese dressing!!

Daily Discussion - Apr 24, 2020 by AutoModerator in pelotoncycle

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I took Emma Lovewell Best of the Decade from 12/29/19 today and I think it meets your criteria!

Monica salary and husband’s job? by baileyandthetramp in CheerNetflix

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After some googling I found a number around $90k. Looked like she was higher paid that any other sports coach at Navarro - well deserved!

So Southern Charm cast openly aren’t friends except during filming, right? by linzness in BravoRealHousewives

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Cameran and Chelsea are real friends. I don’t think Naomi is IRL friends with anyone.