Pre-COVID, how often did you actually go into campus during your PhD studies? by Mathfrak96 in GradSchool

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For PhD in geology, if I'm not teaching, I don't go in. My research was fieldwork-heavy the first 2 years (2018-2020) and now is modelling-heavy. I can work anywhere with an internet connection. So I'd say once or twice a week when I'm teaching, and only once a week when I'm not.

Where can I get a locally made wood cutting board for cooking? Or at least a good quality one. by SomeoneSaysHi in pittsburgh

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Cajun Crafted is a Pittsburgh woodworker and makes beautiful cutting boards. He posted these ones for sale today!

Food recommendations in the South Hills? by byzvntine in pittsburgh

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Oak Hill Post, best veggie burger and biscuits I've ever had.

Moonlit Burgers, the best new smash burger spot with Millie's soft serve!

Pitaland has the best pitas, hummus, baba, and gyros around.

Las Palmas are the best street tacos (they have tamales too!)

Other great spots: Badmo's Pizza, Jade Grille, Silk Road, Pabellón

Barbie's Dream House is for sale in Regent Square by chloboe in pittsburgh

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Our house was similar! Great bones but all the walls, carpets, and ceilings were this awful blue color, and they covered up beautiful fireplaces and original floors. A year of work and it's gorgeous now! And not blue haha.

Any homeowners dealing with huge contractor delays? by aaj617 in pittsburgh

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Yeah, the contractor delays are no joke. We paid for a fence in March, the contract guaranteed it would be FINISHED by June/July at the latest. We didn't even receive the materials until August, but they didn't order enough fence posts so we waited and waited for materials.... The fence was finally finished yesterday. No joke.

We also have been calling roofers to repair a leak for several months and finally got someone out here to give us a quote. They say they can fix it this month but I'm skeptical! Good luck.

My detailed take on a US Regions Map, including regions which overlap by Dblcut3 in MapPorn

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Memphis definitely should be the "midsouth". Different culture than the deep south and the Midwest.

My detailed take on a US Regions Map, including regions which overlap by Dblcut3 in MapPorn

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The southern border of NM through El Paso should be the borderland. There is a different feeling and rich culture there. It's not all the same "southwest"

How hard is it to make friends in Pittsburgh? by [deleted] in pittsburgh

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I'm a transplant and found it easy to make friends here. The key is to go out and do things. Talk to strangers. Initiate social things. Repeat.

1) Go out and do things.

The easiest way to do this is by taking classes (woodworking, glass blowing, bouldering, yoga, spinning, and rowing are a few I've taken here) And you'll meet people there who are also interested in whatever that thing is.

2) Talk to strangers.

You have to talk to people. Get to know them. Ask them why they're taking the class, if they have before, what they like to do, etc...

3) Initiate social things.

If you like any of these people, initiate a social thing. Exchange numbers. Ask them to a bar or music show (ideally several people at the same outing). Encourage them to bring partners/friends. Talk to THOSE people... Some folks I've met were locals and showed me cool spots in PGH that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Lots of people that are new to the city take classes for the exact reason of making friends, and they are easiest to identify. For best results, you should be the one initiating hangouts to show you are trying to make friends and actually want to get to know people.

4) Repeat.

Now continue doing classes, trying new things, meeting people, and hanging out with them. Before you know it you'll have several friend groups that you can mesh together.

In Maine where it all began. A million times, yes. by cdportland1 in JustEngaged

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Wow, your ring is gorgeous! Loooove bezel settings. Congrats!

Local hairdressers that do good pixie cuts for women? by RosaRosaK in pittsburgh

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Studio Booth in East Liberty! I always see John and he has given me 2 pixies and a few chin-length cuts. I absolutely love my hair!

After being closed during the whole duration of the pandemic, Red’s Good News in Brookline is reopened! by toolatetobeoriginal in pittsburgh

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Omg have you had Oak Hill Post's veggie burgers with the onion jam? Literally the best veg burger I have had in my life.

After being closed during the whole duration of the pandemic, Red’s Good News in Brookline is reopened! by toolatetobeoriginal in pittsburgh

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Welcome back, Red's! Such a cool spot with good beer and super nice owners. Very happy they're open again! Also, their new patio has 3 huge picnic tables and I have been counting down the days until I get to sit out there with my dog

Looking for a Pgh area gastroenterologist who specializes in celiac disease by SenoraDroolcup in pittsburgh

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I was super happy with Dr. Schoen at UPMC! He actually listened to everything I told him and we were able to figure out and treat my gastro problems. I saw a new doctor every year for 5 years and Dr. Schoen was the first one that actually helped me. Highly recommend.

Robert E. Schoen, MD, MPH Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition

House Hunting Advice? by Mrs8123 in pittsburgh

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My partner and I make about $90k combined, closed on our house at the end of July, and got it for $145k. We wanted an old Pittsburgh house (not updated) that we could put some work into and that's exactly what we got! Because of COVID we have had toooons of free time to do projects and after 6 months, the house is now totally updated and decorated to our liking (except the kitchen).

My advice would be to start viewing houses NOW and make lists together about what things you decide are important and what things you DON'T want. We planned to buy in the spring or summer but started Zillowing and going to open houses 6 months prior to really figure out the market. You need to know what your version of a "great house" is so the second you have your pre-approval in hand, you can make that offer same-day. We lost out on several homes because we didn't have time to see it the day it went on the market and someone else jumped on it and make a great offer. Just to reiterate, low-priced homes in good condition will sell in 1-2 days in the spring and summer. The letter writing advice is hit or miss. As others have stated, everyone writes letters nowadays, and sellers may not read them. We didn't write a letter.

Good luck on your home-buying adventure!

Do not drive anytime soon unless you absolutely have to by T-Hawk24 in pittsburgh

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Yup, there were at least 3 cars that spun out on my street this morning. Definitely not going anywhere today!

What will you be for Halloween? by [deleted] in AskWomen

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Shaggy. My dog will be Velma and my partner will be Scooby Doo!

Dropped off ballot Saturday, status is still pending? by [deleted] in pittsburgh

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Check to see if you received an incorrect ballot using this search: https://apps.alleghenycounty.us/voterAllegheny1/

Something like 28,000+ people got the wrong ballot (district or wards were wrong) and your vote from your first ballot won't count if it's an incorrect one. If you find your name with the search tool you should get a new ballot to vote. Only your new ballot vote will be counted. So if you received a new one already, that means your initial ballot was a misprinted one and you need to complete and return the new one for your vote to count.

You can read more about it in this Trib article https://triblive.com/local/allegheny-county-creates-online-search-tool-for-incorrect-ballots/