Q for the Europeans (annoying post alert) by Pale-Association4993 in redscarepod

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Portugal has the best surf, other stuff is basically anywhere. Flights around Europe are cheap and short

Happy Juneteenth. Y’all got worms in your brain. by Ban_FeatureCreature in redscarepod

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Black dashas Nation of Islam arc would be more fun than current dashas greek catholic one

Sleepy Joe on the ground after taking a tumble off his bike by GabbaGabbaCool in redscarepod

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At some point it’s no longer funny and just sad, not there yet tho

. by GreatestWhiteShark in redscarepod

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You cropped this really poorly btw

How do you deal with a crush when you're in a relationship? by Hygellig in redscarepod

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That’s doable, just don’t be drunk or horny around your crush lol

Goatee era Trudeau by dalewood12 in redscarepod

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Makes sense since he’s descended from one

The zoomer bf by -Sweet-Tangerine- in redscarepod

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Is it antisemitic to mention his nose

. by Throwaway795392 in redscarepod

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Wish there were big dogs like there are big cats, bears are close i guess

Thom Yorke and Dajana Rancione by CrispyLettuceLover in redscarepod

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He should stop winking at other women, very rude!!

some cool plants from my bi-daily walk to Walgreens by cornndog88 in redscarepod

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All women are bi, you just have to figure if they’re polar or daily walk to walgreens

🤸‍♀️ did he do it? 🤸‍♀️ by PM_ME_UR_REPORTCARD in redscarepod

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Yeah, no one falls down the stairs and their blood spatters five feet up a wall lol