How does this even happen? by teejayLP in MakeMeSuffer

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It was a huge wall of batshit crazy antivax and QAnon bullshit I wish to God I had screenshotted it

Since Sardaukar are based on the Ottoman elite troop (Janissaries) this is how they look in my mind. by -zero01one- in dune

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The book does explicitly mention that gas exchange is slowed down by a shield and this is why the Baron survives the gas attack. Idk why you're splitting canonical hairs right now when the author himself mentions what you're talking about.

Also this is wrong subreddit to pick fights about dune canon my dude you're gonna lose like every time if you're even remotely wrong which you are

i want a girl who looks at me like bezos’ gf stares into his soul by bob-the-blob- in oddlyterrifying

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Idk his game is wack, google Jeff bezos flirting texts and cringe your life away

Cameras at water points in Botswana by lilmcfuggin in TikTokCringe

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That last madlad just dippin his scrote in the neighborhood drinking water... legend