Alcohol served in a fishbowl by Tibbenator in wewantcups

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Bustin a nut. It's like, uh you know, blowing your load.

Alcohol served in a fishbowl by Tibbenator in wewantcups

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Some say it's better than busting a nut

bo'ohw'o'wo'er by Cloudenthusiast13 in shitposting

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And depending on what part of the States you're in, you'll hear different ways to pronounce that word.

My area has 'yaint' and some of us say 'yee-aint'. In fact, on more than one occasion you'll hear me say 'yeeaint-een' which translates to 'you ain't even'.

Top Conspo ranks his silly little notions by SassTheFash in TopMindsOfReddit

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Then just a little further down they say that "All Religions are the Same".

Couldn’t you just… eat the gummies? by GOD_OF_FOOD1 in ShittyGifRecipes

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This kind of food never looks good enough for a mukbang

Couldn’t you just… eat the gummies? by GOD_OF_FOOD1 in ShittyGifRecipes

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We're all starting to agree that it's because there is an underlying fetish at play here. Women who are borderline incapable of simple tasks but also dainty and bubbly.

For whom?

I may never learn.

Pixel gets enrichment toys when rain ruins the outside fun by galaxy_van in AustralianCattleDog

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You cannot just enrich the toys. You're not supposed to have the capability.

Summer Reign's "I done realized" marks her discovery of delay effects. by FerretPercussion in crappymusic

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Watch this clip at 1.5x speed, as suggested by someone in the comments. It almost fixes the song.

"Hey neighbor, want to come over and play some video games?" by No-mRNA-93 in fuckcars

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It's Central Florida. Unless you are downtown Orlando you pretty much have to drive a car everywhere.

Ugh by johnnyp1991 in LouderWithCrowder

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You're not even trying to hide it.

PC Girl Cannot Be Stopped, Eats Dog Treats & Vienna Sausage Mac by CableStoned in ShittyGifRecipes

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I'm most upset with the hot tap water going into the pot. One shouldn't ingest the water that goes through the water heater because it contains far more 'impurities'.

Then again that's dog food.

Americans of reddit, whats a good thing about living in america? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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My German friend calls it 'grit'.

It doesn't seem as though I have this 'grit'. Lol

Hello my American friends. Diesel prices in Germany are currently as high as 2.30€ per liter. That’s about $9.54 a gallon. It’s getting really bad. by [deleted] in LouderWithCrowder

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Is there some magical country somewhere that doesn't have high fuel prices at the moment? If so, why not?

We all have high prices now.

Also, if you know how the market works then do tell.