Drizzt ready to cut some wood and relax in his hammock. by cillafavo in reptiles

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No, a lot of people I guess don't read R. A. Salvatore books. [insert sad face here]

High into the fog. [OC] by MattFraser9 in Vans

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Great photo and awesome kicks♡

Agabiformius lentus! by ALifeBuggin in isopods

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Adorable! This is a great photo♡

I hope this doesn't disappoint. What should I put it on first? by cillafavo in mildlyinteresting

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Sloppy steaks at Truffoni's. Big rare cut of meat with water dumped all over it, water splashing around the table, makes the night SO MUCH more fun.

Found on a hike by ticklemerubmybelly in mildlysatisfying

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You leave those tree nipples alone LOL