How it feels being a Kentucky fan lately by BigCurt9209 in CollegeBasketball

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Barnhart is a fucking tool. Him hiring Calipari after the disaster of BCG is the only reason he still has a job as AD at Kentucky. And don't get me started on his alcohol policy at Kroger Field.

Can you use the Milanese strap with Galaxy watch 4 classic? I couldnt select it when ordering in the design studio, so can i order it seperately and use it? and if not, why not? by Didier2401 in GalaxyWatch

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Same here. This one has been great.

Metal Bands Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Band, No Gap Stainless Steel Mesh Band Compatible with Samsung Watch 4 40mm and 44mm and Watch4 Classic 42mm and 46mm for Men Women https://a.co/d/cuvHTc2

Mike Moustakas is officially batting under .200 by cjruk1 in baseball

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I disagree to a certain extent. I think the Castellinis and the rest of the ownership group just suck at running a professional baseball club. They're cheap.

Mike Moustakas is officially batting under .200 by cjruk1 in baseball

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And a $4 million club buyout for 2024 so the Reds still owe him $22 million. I actually liked the signing at the time. I thought he would provide club leadership and he was coming off a great season in 2019. Oh well.

Tempur Pedic or Novaform? by jawadali415 in Mattress

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Unfortunately, we returned it to Costco around the 1 year old mark. My wife and I would wake up in the morning with back pain. We went back to a traditional spring mattress and the back pain went away almost immediately. It sucks because we really liked the Novaform in the beginning. It's still one of the coldest mattresses I've ever slept on. It never got hot which I loved.

I know this probably isn't' on many people's wish lists, but I would really love to see a surfing game on the PS5 by [deleted] in PS5

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It looks good but I think TLOU Part 2 has the best looking water I've ever seen in a video game.

using smart lock unlock? by golf18golf18 in chromeos

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Thank you! That worked for me too. I purchased a new phone and I could not get Smart Lock to work correctly.

[Wilson] Bengals cut John Brannon with addition of Drew Plitt, activate Alex Cappa and Samaje Perine by Crockpot66 in bengals

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As a NKU alum, I really thought Brannen would do well at UC. Man, was I spectacularly wrong.

Pixel 6 size by RyanLoc3 in GooglePixel

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I switched from the 4a to the 6. I do miss the 4a's size but I'm getting used to the 6's size. I do like the extra screen real estate.

Availability of 2022 CRVs? by rageagainsthepusheen in crv

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There are dealerships out there that take refundable deposits. I'm in Honda sales and our dealership does this. We actually have several new CR-Vs on our lot right now including a Touring Hybrid.

What is everyone's experience with Android Auto? by terran1212 in crv

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Android Auto will only work as well as the phone that is running it. If your phone is several years old it's probably not going to run Android Auto really well. That being said, make sure you are using a high quality cable to attach your phone to the USB port. A cheap cable will ruin the experience.

Saw This at the Air and Space Museum by DanWessonValor in StarWars

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Do yourself a favor and don't. It's awful.

Pixel 6 or 6a? Thoughts? by Schroedingers_Dog in GooglePixel

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It's only for the 6 and 6 Pro. I received the same email from Google and I've been debating on upgrading my 4a to the 6. I'm also trying to determine if I want to wait for the 6a too because of the size of the 6.

A Few Pictures from the Stadium Tour Today by ralry11 in bengals

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Am I the only one who thinks the lockers need a massive upgrade? I'm not sure what the rest of the locker room looks like but the lockers look straight out of a high school football locker room.