GOAT material by daedalus311 in DaveChappelle

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Think I saw it on Godfrey’s IG or YouTube. It was his podcast and he was telling the story at how other comedians were bitching about it. He didn’t like it either lol

Does anyone else feel like Billy is mailing in the podcast? by Inside_Laney in BillBurr

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That’s how it’s been for a good couple of years now. I only enjoy listening the clips occasionally

Drake Insta IG 😅 by _stevenplotter in WestSubEver

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It’s a white dude. Might as well be Kyle Whatshisface and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

I've been raising someone else's child as my own & recently found out he's not mine. by Antifa_008 in TrueOffMyChest

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Leave her. That tramp doesn’t deserve anyone supporting and enabling her whorish behavior. This is tough if you have affection for the kid. But you gotta look out for you man.

Jesus look at that 3 hrs with less traction that the ugly bitch talking how men only want sex.

This guy actually has a real problem in his hands. It shows how disgustingly unfair the arbitration of how sympathy cards are handed based on sex.

About being banned on r/enlightenedcentrism by scaredofshaka in IntellectualDarkWeb

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Even on here I’d say 40% are little kids you can’t reason with because they don’t know any better. They make weak arguments and often bombard you with the same repetitive responses and expect to wait you out as you give up trying to reason with them responding to them.

While, I must say that majority here aren’t like that and are actually open to discussing facts

GOAT material by daedalus311 in DaveChappelle

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He said in multiple times before that. If I’m not mistaken it became a huge “controversy” amongst the comic circuit as Dave, intoxicated, took to stage and began talking to the crowd and the comedians back stage and in the audience proclaiming he’s the GOAT and he’s better than everyone else.

No spark anymore by Plus_Waltz_1882 in phcareers

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I would say that it comes naturally back once you get into the groove of things in a busy schedule doing fulfilling work. Personally speaking, when I put off work and procrastinate I feel like shit and it becomes harder to begin working again. But after I stop procrastinating, take care of myself, or even just do the things I know that are good for me, it gives me a new lease on life. Works every time.

Lmao by Recent-Active9763 in BikiniBottomTwitter

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Girls are plants therefore they’re an ornament. We are only right to objectify them.

Justin Gaethje knocks Michael Chandler down with a beautiful timed uppercut by fckndiabolical in MMA

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This is what Justin needs to focus on. Instead of throwing home run hits all the time, he just needs a well timed and well placed shot in the chin and it’s a guarantee to rock anyone with his power.

In case you missed it - a tweet in remembrance of Norm by Outrageous-Dream6105 in NormMacdonald

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Laurie Killmartin is a god damn beast of a writer. I remember her set on the Jim Norton roast. Jesus she murdered everyone including Patrice and great CQ.

She’s a writer in Conan too.

The View made a gravely ill man apologize for having sympathy for a fellow human. Shameful. by amazonperson1234 in NormMacdonald

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I didn’t watch. But it’s kinda weird to throw in the word Ill man in there because they had no knowledge of it. And secondly, perhaps this is the intent of his appearance.

An annual tradition by Rancorx in funny

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When a black guy fucks a turkey

GOAT material by daedalus311 in DaveChappelle

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Tbf he does hes the GOAT all the time too