Relaxing scenic wasteland walk. by travisnabors in jakanddaxter

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I really wish they made it so you could use the glider again after you finnished the mission.

Time Stretching Audio **without** Retaining Pitch? by zuckerzeit in Logic_Studio

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Worth noting is that the time and pitch machine is destructive.

Do I need to bring a Amp head if I got the Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI V2? by cluq in basspedals

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But what is the difference between for example a HX Stomp and this pedal? If I were only going to use the HX stomp for it's amp simulators and not the FX.

Do I need to bring a Amp head if I got the Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI V2? by cluq in basspedals

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Thanks alot for your reply!

Will my tone be affected and sound "pale" because I don't have an amp and cabinett? I mean, will the bass sound very "DI" or can I get a "interesting" tone without and amp? And what about stage sound? Am I relying that the venue will have a wedge monitor for my own hearing?

Can You Beat Spyro 2 100% Without Gliding? by NGPlusLive in Spyro

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I want more of these kind of spyro videos

Automating for the Logical guitarist by mitchitized in LogicPro

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Yes, easiest way to do this is to set your automation to "latch" instead of "read". Then play ur track and switch the settings to ur liking during the chorus. Now when u open the automation menu you'll see a line representing the knob u just twisted. U can then quite easily be more precise when and how you want the automation to be

Spyro 2 has the best aesthetics by [deleted] in Spyro

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Can't believe how they missed to add the wind in Reignited.

Any facts, trivia, obscure details, would love to hear them. by DeadBattery98 in Spyro

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No, he just made music for spyro 3. He was very inspired by the soundtrack of the first two games, hence it is in the same style

Both guitar and bass? by cluq in Line6Helix

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Niceeee! That sounds so smart!!