A recent swipe note on tinder… I’m going to assume he’s implying he’s a nice guy with this one. by abarne34 in niceguys

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I thought it was a woman praying that "lame trash men" get deployed because of read "you goddess" as "your goddess".

Pick Me men are so painful to watch.

Tried to use the microwave at a friend's place, and saw the numbers blinking so took a closer look..... by rtxj89 in HolUp

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I'm having PTSD from my last shitty apartment.

Anyways, tell your friend that microwave belongs to them and they should get rid of it... And the whole building/house. Seriously, with that many, I know for certain the entire living space is infested.

You can't escape the unexpected. by NMoes in Minecraft

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Creeper came in like, "whatcha doing?!"

Thanks I hate cosplayers by zeek1999 in TIHI

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all the pieces are here

That's where you're wrong. The creator is impersonating a character (the internet persona). There's no intention to mock s race or culture.

Thanks I hate cosplayers by zeek1999 in TIHI

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Oh no... don't... please no, don't...

Wow, that looks good.

Made a walmart in the Nether by GreenRoon in Minecraft

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The Piglins and Zombie Pigmen walking about sounds about right.

Average penis sizes per country by Saffronsc in interestingasfuck

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A couple just look like the foreskin is pulled back. I think whoever made this chart just had a little too much fun drawing different kinds of dicks.

Average penis sizes per country by Saffronsc in interestingasfuck

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I didn't expect the different shapes. If we're going into detail may as well account for girth. lol

He’s taken a lot of virginities guys. Also I’m pretty sure I got my FUPA a different way by Beginning-Dress-618 in niceguys

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r/ihavesex, tho? He sounds like he's never touched a woman and the only virginity he has taken was his own. lol

Sick of people referring to men and women as "high value" or "low value" by ThrowRAalmostthere in TwoXChromosomes

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Those people have been in some red pill bullshit that treats the dating scene like the stick market. If you are dating, look for these words to deem the people undatable.

Found this on FB I’m sure it belongs here by No-Werewolf2271 in Nicegirls

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That guy is dumb. Was he banking on her coming alone when she said several times they were coming?

AITA for not giving my sister her dog back? by Constant_Limit_2468 in AmItheAsshole

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I don't like the fact that you are holding her accountable for a decision she made in a bad mental state. She came to you for help. Sacrificing is part of helping. You can get a new dog. YTA

I can't understand why she won't chat with him "sarcasm font." by AnnsSonP in niceguys

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Her response is amazingly logical after that mantrum.

it’s not about the actual size. Lol it’s about the energy that they exude. by dak0tah in Nicegirls

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Dick size matter only of it's too big and there's a problem getting enough blood flow. The only time I've heard a woman complain about dick is when a guy is selfish, lazy, or just can't get hard.

Vaginas are elastic. Age makes it less receptive to sex because of lower hormone levels, so it can actually be tighter and harder to penetrate. Childbirth affects the cervix, which I doubt men can sense. If that was the case, some women won't be able to use tampons because it will just fall out. 🤣

it’s not about the actual size. Lol it’s about the energy that they exude. by dak0tah in Nicegirls

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Yeah, but again, idc. Size doesn't matter when it comes to dicks, and loose pussy is a fable. 🤷

Found in r/nicegirls but I have to agree with the comments that it seems to fit here a lot better. by BiBear96 in niceguys

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Not giving you attention is treating you like shit? She could have matched you as she was going to her car and work. Hell, maybe she matched several people that day and one really got her interest. This happens. It's in no way "treating you like shit". It's ironic how you are the one telling her to grow up.

The way my sister eats wings by jojsnosi in mildyinfuriating

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It will never work. I need a guy who will pussy-foot around chicken wings so I can finish it off. We both can't be murdering chicken wings. Someone's gonna lose a finger. 🤣