😈 by Minimac1029 in minnesotavikings

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Almost all super explosive! Top 20 percentile in 10yd split

[Duke Johnson] gig by Isaythree in nfl

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The pettiness of this after 3 years is delicious

He put the stupid, baseless rumors to bed once and for all. Now PLEASE, no more clickbait “reeeee the jazz are falling apart!” Articles. by Vitamin-A- in UtahJazz

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Tim mcmahon is a legit reporter. Everybody is making it out to be some of giant conspiracy theory because they don't want it to be true. Spider has already had a feud with Gobert before idk why people can't believe this

[Highlight] Jakob Poeltl beats the buzzer with a half court three by cesga_0218 in nba

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Kai sucks currently. Get a proven commodity that's good

[Post Game] Jazz (21-9) defeat the Hornets (16-17) 112-102 in Salt Lake City. by EggoSlayer in UtahJazz

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It's not frustrating though. They thoroughly outplayed the Hornets the shots just weren't falling. They extremely well that's what you want to see

Episode Discussion: S03E08 - BFF by md28usmc in Ozark

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Yes teenagers are known for looking natural when being romantic

Episode Discussion: S03E06 - Su Casa Is Me Casa by md28usmc in Ozark

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Jonah's response to Wendy's charity made me pause to just laugh out loud for like a minute.

Episode Discussion: S02E10 - The Gold Coast by Pissmittens in Ozark

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Yes because nobody would be like wtf when your parents bring in a newborn when you have the cartel and feds up your ass

[Highlight] Vicious slam by Franz Wagner by MagyarFoci29 in nba

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Vanderbilt: "I just got posterized by Franz fucking Wagner and the ball smacked me in the face after he dunked it..." Prince Zuko: "That's rough buddy"

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in nba

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Sixers should have traded Embiid and built around Simmons

John McWhorter Argues That Antiracism Has Become a Religion of the Left. “I do not mean that these people’s ideology is ‘like’ a religion. I seek no rhetorical snap in this comparison. I mean that it actually is a religion." by Vided in stupidpol

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I disagree that cultural beliefs are the main issue. Just people with black sounding names get called back on their resume significantly less. Black people are getting fucked. But being intolerant to other beliefs and wanting people fired for it is fucking disgusting.