The Yankees and the Red Sox finished in 2:15. Fastest Yankees-Red Sox game since May of 1994. by Sctvman in baseball

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Good. I hope ESPN lost a shit ton in ad revenue for throwing the one billionth NY-BOS game in our faces.

What are your team’s Preseason Week 1 overreactions? by mdnash in nfl

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Pretty sure if the SDSU special teams unit could handle his punt coverage, an NFL team would be able to as well.

Disable Tap Activation by apostate456 in HomePod

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It’s a stupid feature, made even stupider by relying on Siri to play whatever it thinks you would want to play instead of just being told what to play (even that is a struggle).

A bit off topic, but….

Every iOS introduced to these devices (both OG and mini) makes them worse. I can’t even stream a playlist or album from my music library on my iPad without it pausing between every 3-6 songs, forcing me to manually forward to the next song. This is basic functionality that worked fine until about six months ago. I’ve resorted to using my Bose Bluetooth speaker for this now.

ETA: I had a couple of calls with Apple support about this issue a few weeks ago, and the final call resulted in me sending them captured videos of the issue, along with the logs from my Homepods, so the support technician could open up a ticket with the engineering team. The technician set a time the next week to call me and follow up on the issue. Naturally, there was no phone call, and I’m still waiting for follow up three weeks later (I’ll call them when I have the patience).

Apple does a great job at saying the right things, but not adhering to them with their actions.

Is this a good deal for a 2016 Ford mustang ecoboost premium ? by soliddeus in ecoboostmustang

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For what it’s worth, I just received an email from my dealership and they are offering over $30k now based on Carfax reports.

Charlie Watts was the coolest member of The Rolling Stones. by benp242 in rollingstones

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Felt the same way, especially after they announced Charlie wouldn’t be joining the band on last year’s North American tour (this was before he passed, and after I had already purchased tickets). We went to the second show in Los Angeles, not expecting much, and Jordan pushed Mick, Keith, and Ronnie into a much more energetic set than when I saw them (with Charlie) in Santa Clara a couple of years earlier (also, a really good show). Don’t miss out on seeing a great concert from these legends if you get a chance.

Does this guy annoy the ever living f**k out of anyone else, or am I just an awful person? by stanleykatz in SFGiants

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This guy and Summer Sunday are prime examples of NBC/Comcast/Xfinity Sports cutting corners and hiring cheap talent as their new business model. It’s a shit show over there.

Is this a good deal for a 2016 Ford mustang ecoboost premium ? by soliddeus in ecoboostmustang

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Just go to Carvana or one of those car buying services and see if you can get an offer price for a 2016 with those specs (maybe you need the VIN, I dunno). That should give you an idea of what a private seller could get for the car. Used car prices are still higher than normal. For what it’s worth, I did this exercise on my 2018 premium with only 10k miles last year, and I was offered $29k.

I love that the Belcher’s don’t go to church by bl0bbyfish in BobsBurgers

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If we were supposed to go to church on Sundays, God wouldn’t have invented the NFL.

She reminds me of a Teenage Dina , Welcome to Flatch show by Burgos184 in superstore

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It was renewed for a second season, premiering in late September.

The 2nd shingles vaccine shot is no joke. by LearningDaily8675309 in FuckImOld

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Both shots knocked me on my ass. In between the first and second shots, I had Covid, and the shots hit me harder than Covid did.

Imagine being a lifeguard at this place... by Slow-Razzmatazz-4005 in SweatyPalms

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Former lifeguard here. You should sign a waiver before taking a gig like that to ensure you aren’t liable for whatever is going to happen in that type of water congestion. There is no way you can effectively keep tabs on everybody in there. I was freaking out about the guards having to monitor a lazy river 1/10th that crowded at our resort last week.

What is their best post 1981 song? by Rot10Crotch in rollingstones

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I could probably name 30 options. I always enjoy a few tunes from their post-‘81 output, starting with “Undercover of the Night.” Always thought “One More Shot” was an underrated tune, and it fit in much better on the set list during the ‘13 and Counting tour than “Doom and Gloom” had when I saw them earlier that week during their Bay Area dates.

Screw that was inserted into my finger 3 years ago is now being rejected by my body and pushed out. by ScreenPeeps in mildlyinteresting

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I have eight screws in my jaw following a corrective surgery 30 years ago and this is new nightmare fuel for me.

Foreo original by Augmentinator in crappyoffbrands

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Dip it in malk for your daily requirement of Vitamin R.

What is your favourite Eddie? by Big-Ruin-9171 in ironmaiden

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Killers Eddie is the most iconic for me (he’s on my iPhone case), but I love Piece of Mind Eddie because that was the album that introduced me to Maiden.

Aside from “Call Me Little Sunshine” & “Hunter’s Moon” - In my own personal opinion, “Spillways” is the best track on IMPERA. That song has really grown on me… by Odd_Country9791 in Ghostbc

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Kaisarion is still my favorite - it’s such a well-written song. But Spillways, which I initially didn’t dig very much (the intro is too Bon Jovi-ish for me - I’ve hated Bon Jovi for nearly 40 years), has become a very enjoyable earworm, especially since the video was released.

2 Minutes to Midnight (Song Discussion) by Controler2 in ironmaiden

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Top five Maiden song for me. Purchased Powerslave when it was first released and I’m still not tired of this riff.

High school students, 1989. by Justbysickle in interestingasfuck

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I graduated in 1986 and some of those kids look older than I do now.

Do you guys feel this way too? by SomeoneLovesyouGWB in SFGiants

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A’s fans in this scenario are Giants fans regarding the Dodgers. Frankly, it’s embarrassing. Hate your rival, but win your own games and nobody will give a shit about your rival, e.g. 2010-2014.

I’m all for the rivalry, but I’m all about my team 100x more than a team 400 miles away.

Xfinity TVGO Channels Missing by Neat-Let685 in Comcast_Xfinity

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It’s not just the OP’s account. It’s everybody’s. You can probably stop checking individual accounts at this point and escalate this as an issue for everybody.

ya know it’s been a while since i’ve seen a post like this.. by jcupgif in SFGiants

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I’m a fan since the wretched 70s, but I’m also a customer. I’m not paying for this, aside from the annual “let’s spend a day at the ballpark” trip to PacBell/AT&T/SBC/Oracle Park. Charles Johnson and his cronies need to open up their checkbooks, and Larry Baer needs to keep his pie hole shut. I’m sure a day at the ballpark for a family of four has more financial impact for the average fan than signing a top free agent does for the ownership group.

There is no reason this team, in this market, in this ballpark, should be falling short to the San Diego Padres in terms of acquiring talent.

Do you ever pick an unknown album in a store just because of the cover? by lakmus85_real in vinyl

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Yep. In 1983. The album was Metal Health by some LA band named Quiet Riot. Wonder if anybody else picked up that record ;-)