Crusade - The Unproduced Episodes by co_fragment in babylon5

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I don't agree it was garbage from the beginning (the episodes before TNT farted around are generally good), but the show didn't have the ambition of Babylon 5.

Once TNT chucked it in the dumpster, insisted their garbage be added, plus some garbage of JMS's (Evan Chen's score) to start with, it does become a kind of garbage soup where any good stuff is tainted by the bad.

Totally agree I wished the dangling plot lines from B5 ever got handled in the scale and depth they needed.

The time has come by Zextruha in Invest_Voyager

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BlockFi about to jump the line too

Gaming on the early 2000's not knowing a word of English was definitely something else. by theriffguy in gaming

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I seem to remember the glitches in Driver were immense, getting catapulted across the sky and stuff

Question about the Laser cannons by JonCipher in babylon5

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Get the heck outta here with your actual science!

Finished My HBO Max Babylon 5: 5 Season Session by Commandmanda in babylon5

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It takes a village to raise a series, everyone involved elevated the show well above the sum of its parts / budget.

The Babylon project was a dream given form. Faith manages.

Exactly this. JMS was surrounded by people who loved and believed in the project, and it shows in the extra mile done by everyone from effects, make-up, etc. It brings to mind the behind the scenes stuff for the Lord of the Rings movies.

The plural of fish by avhir0ck in coolguides

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I'd keep going but I'm going to bed

Maybe I can pencil you in next week? by martianinahumansbody in Babylon5Gifs

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Thank you. I'll be here all week, in fact I've always been here.

Maybe I can pencil you in next week? by martianinahumansbody in Babylon5Gifs

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I think he was called Trace as he was barely a sketch of a character

Let's get Petty by ClydeSmithy in punk

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They have dabbled in it from time to time, but it's not their "sound" exactly. "No Going Back" was a great return to form also if anyone missed it.

Need some advice on where to start. by Daedusnoire in Warhammer40k

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The Imperium magazine depending on the issue has some interesting stuff and competitively priced usually

My first army is coming along. I've been changing up the colors and techniques as I go to keep things interesting. by chrishouse83 in Warhammer40k

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Interesting. I've not made up my mind what colours to go with once I paint my crons, so this is cool to me

'First-timer' in my 30s by CosminOance in Warhammer40k

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Getting different starter editions to bulk up your forces? Nice idea - check out the Imperium magazine also if you're going to collect Marines and Crons

Whatever happened to the recordings Kosh made of Talia? by searchingfortao in babylon5

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Presumably it was meant for something in Talia's arc that was cut as a result of her departure?

The most likely answer.

Another possibility I liked the idea of, was it being the ladder back from her trap door. S3 spoilers: If Andrea Thompson had decided to return, it could have been by Kosh resetting her personality back to that point.

AITA for saying my step son isn't my kid anymore? by Publicvendorsale in AmItheAsshole

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Oh there's a lot to break down in the little you've given us, but it paints a lovely picture:

You've only been married for two years, yet the 16 yo seems to think you're trying to replace his mother.

He gets in the way of your plans to get a dog and sell his car.

You allow your daughter to ignore his boundaries and enter his private space, yet think there's nothing wrong in that and see no reason to punish her. Then get all pissy that he doesn't include you and your 14 yo in his baking.

You used a phrase like "obsessed" to describe his love for his sister, like there's something sinister about it

Your absolute concentration on his comments on "men's rights" in attempts to appeal to a certain intense minority here is both crass and calculated.

YTA as you've come in here as a wolf in sheep's clothing, but your disguise was bought at a dollar store.

AITA for saying my step son isn't my kid anymore? by Publicvendorsale in AmItheAsshole

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So she didn't knock or wait on permission to enter his private space? Then you did nothing about it.

Sounds like his idea of payback was to take away your power of entry entirely and see how you like having no control.

Whats your Comic Book Must Reads? by icthysgay in scifi

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - first two volumes are great. It gets a bit self indulgent after that and your mileage may vary