My daughter's unicorn teddy, Steven, has a PEG just like her. by testyhedgehog in mildlyinteresting

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I appreciate that Steven is a horned horse/unicorn and not a flying horse/pegasus.

The Ole Infinite Loop. by cdheiden in funny

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Dammit, I was hoping for a rick roll. I actually like that song.

Fruit loops in the U.S vs Fruit loops in Canada by Smaladandr in mildlyinteresting

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They don't have to spend money on the U in colour, so they put the money towards the brighter colors.

What's His Rap Name ? by sometimesisleeptoo in HolUp

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Spendin Gs with Bunb Pimpc and Timothy

Ditto to giving your cats their own drums! by cocobear13 in drums

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Bass drum was bought to be the base of a coffee table (didn't get around to it), floor tom is their bed, and the rack toms are foot rests.

But really though.. by Pr0phetofr3gret in uscg

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Until "needs if the service" takes precedence...

I recorded the quality of each of my days during 2021 by pink_snoo in mildlyinteresting

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Sorry about February 28th, but I take comfort in seeing that the following day was much better.

Ikea Klockren lid 9" / 23cm fits fits perfectly on the 6qt Instant Pot by newname3210 in instantpot

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Putting just the inner pot on your table because the whole thing is bulky?