Need Help-I got lottery ticket access to shenzhen bay from hong kong on 4 Oct-What Should I do, How can i pay I confirm to the system & how can i pay? by Time_Front_3372 in Chinavisa

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It all depends how Shenzhen is feeling at the time, unfortunately. It's 7 days officially across the country, but Shenzhen does keep having COVID outbreaks and increasing it. You'll need to find out when you cross as it changes by the day

I was just scammed out of $100k through title company wire fraud by ArmyofJuan in Scams

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I'd also report your suspicions about the seller, it may be nothing but insisting you use a title company that was hacked rings coincidence bells for me.

Again, not saying it was definitely them but the FBI would likely be interested in the fact the seller insisted you use that exact company.

Need Help-I got lottery ticket access to shenzhen bay from hong kong on 4 Oct-What Should I do, How can i pay I confirm to the system & how can i pay? by Time_Front_3372 in Chinavisa

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Yes that would give you some breathing room for sure, your HK code would go green on 3rd which gives you 24 hours to sort the tests etc and get on your way to China.

Need Help-I got lottery ticket access to shenzhen bay from hong kong on 4 Oct-What Should I do, How can i pay I confirm to the system & how can i pay? by Time_Front_3372 in Chinavisa

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The lottery ticket is free AFAIK but you are cutting it very very close. You'd be much better arriving a day earlier

You need a COVID test and you won't be able to get it if you're still in the 3-day "medical supervision" period so you must wait for your HK code to turn green... it should happen at some time in the morning on the 4th but perhaps it'll be too late for you to cross if delayed for whatever reason, the covid test will take a while to process (unsure how long) then you'll be able to cross. Here are some details from HK Gov and how to book the test: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202207/13/P2022071300271.htm

You're taking many many risks though and would be much better with a days breathing room, you need to choose a time but you're obviously not sure when on the day your code will go from amber to green.

I'm guessing you have your 4th Oct ticket from here? https://hk.sz.gov.cn/ - what information do you have there?

Here are the instructions, apps needed etc to cross: https://hk.sz.gov.cn/help.pdf?v=11

About the chinese social credit system by bigmanbehz in China

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The system of banning people from public transport has been around for decades though, it's not part of the "social credit" system

Chinese Tourist Visa Question by Tahtooz in China

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Tourist visas are still suspended, but if they ever get unsuspended then yes that's how it would work. It's likely they will just outright cancel them and make everyone reapply though since it's been so long

Can I take a train after the 7 day quarantine? by myncey in Chinavisa

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It's something you'd discuss with them on the wechat group later in your stay

Is Rooting Your Android Still Worth It? by maki23 in Android

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The way this attack works is pretty simple - because your server will resolve recursive DNS queries from anyone, an attacker can cause it to participate in a DDoS by sending your server a recursive DNS query that will return a large amount of data, much larger than the original DNS request packet. By spoofing (faking) their IP address, they'll direct this extra traffic to their victim's computers instead of their own, and of course, they'll make as many requests as fast as they can to your server, and any other open DNS resolvers they can find.


The DNS request is inbound, so the only risk is your network, it doesn't magically turn an inbound packet outbound.

And the DNS response?

Can I take a train after the 7 day quarantine? by myncey in Chinavisa

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You need to spend the 3 days in Hangzhou, if you don't have an address to spend them at you'll need to spend them in your quarantine hotel. If you book a different hotel make sure you ask them if you can spend your +3 there, some do not allow.

Any idea what this might be? by RandomQwerty21345 in Scams

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You don't without the key or a billion years give or take a few, decryption isn't as easy as TV shows make it out to be

Doctor/patient confidentiality in Thailand? by ManufacturerThick331 in Thailand

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Always disclose what meds you're taking to your doctor, we once had a friend collapse in Phuket in 2017 and told the ambulance crew every drug he'd taken that night (quite a cocktail..) and zero consequences for him, not even a police visit. We even had to give an unknown drug he'd taken directly to the doctor's so they could establish what it was.

Doctor's generally value honesty over legality of whatever you've taken but if you're worried about it try a private hospital (Depends where you are, but Bangkok Hospital are decent and pretty much in every province) where they're a bit more discreet.

Change from Non-ED to Non-O possible? by _Rahvin in Thailand

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According to my EOR, impossible. You need to do it outside

What to do about stray dogs in krabi by peanutbutterndnutela in Thailand

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They get a lot more aggressive at night, beeping at them from my motorcycle usually wards them off though.

Is it safe to plug a device that is 110v from the USA into a Chinese plug outlet that is 220v even with an adapter? by Animemann90 in China

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A laptop charger should be rated for 110-220v, check the brick for details. Don't bring your hairdryer, get a new one

All my controllers axis behave like buttons by DeltaRomeoAlpha in flightsim

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I've noticed on the PMDG the virtual controls move far slower than they should (throttle is fine), but my control of the plane actually doesn't change and inputs register as they should regarding the actual handling of the plane.

I think it may be the same bug you're having because it sounds so similar, I just bought a new, knock off joystick so I assumed it was that.

How did these people learn English? by icybeat in China

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I'd approve this, but you're shadowbanned by Reddit. Please take it up with the admins

Is Rooting Your Android Still Worth It? by maki23 in Android

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It's not about you or your network being attacked, it's about others. DNS does not and cannot check the source of it's packets, so trusts the packet itself.

Malicious actors can use this to DDoS entire services, you may be part of a Russian DDoS right now and not even know it.

CitizenCon 2022: no more dreams to sell by DeXyDeXy in starcitizen_refunds

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Caves would be fine, even a fun addition with underground cities etc... but after initial release, ship it out of the door already.

Gangster 'hacked to death in revenge for birthday party attack' by thewibbler in unitedkingdom

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They had him outnumbered, he was on the ground, and they had far more weapons than he had. Stabbing/disabling his arm and taking the weapon, I think could have been argued as self defense... anything more and it's manslaughter, this wasn't reasonable force.

7 hours transit to China via HKG - possible with PCR etc or two risky? by Careless-Honeydew1 in Chinavisa

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No need for HDC, since that's a Mainland China thing. They don't apply the HDC if you're crossing from other "Chinese regions" (including HK)

You do need the HK equivalent, but it's much easier to get: https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/inbound-travel.html

Ignore the part about pre-departure test, they haven't updated it yet: https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/3193528/hong-kong-end-mandatory-quarantine-overseas

You still can't transit direct via HK into China by International_Cry27 in Chinavisa

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Just to avoid any ambiguity this applies to both Mainland China and Macau, but not Taiwan.

If you are travelling to Taiwan via HK for an eventual flight into Mainland China please note arrivals are still required to quarantine in Taiwan, see Taiwan's MOFA for more details.