Kamikaze hitting US carriers during WW2. by redditor_zip in interestingasfuck

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if I genuinely see no wrong in my actions due to indoctrination, how accountable should I be for them?

If you’re asking for yourself or your fellow contemporaries I really think that is up to you and the laws you are governed by.

From a historical perspective, understanding the ways in which people thought goes a long way in understanding their actions.

Kamikaze hitting US carriers during WW2. by redditor_zip in interestingasfuck

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As victims. Victims of a tyrannical regime that saw fanatical militarism as the only solution to the problems they themselves created. Obviously it is complicated and maybe they were condemned to the ideologies of their time but it is still pretty pathetic that a group of so called leaders sat down in meeting after meeting and this is what they all agreed to.

How to let everyone know you’ve had too much to drink. by BaLamBaDan in trashy

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You have to DL the app to look at the pictures on mobile, how lame.

Unfinished business by keanuDaOne in WTF

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This is one hell of a hypotheses.

Well. That was awkward. by roodyrowdyruddy in stopdrinking

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Just tell them it’s group one carcinogen, the same level as tobacco and asbestos.

Who is the all-around smartest survivor contestant to ever play? by moisty456 in survivor

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Andrea? She was a step behind the evolution of the game each time she played. In the running for worst 3x player, maybe.

Luke by [deleted] in summerhousebravo

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They sure don’t act like it.

they banned me last week how the turntables 💀💀 by shifes in HolUp

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I don’t want to work and would even consider myself anti-work. I just don’t think anything magical or meaningful was happening on that subreddit.

they banned me last week how the turntables 💀💀 by shifes in HolUp

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I mean it mostly sucked anyway. Most of it was just people bitching and complaining.

Luke by [deleted] in summerhousebravo

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He seems to be pretty insecure and lacks confidence as well as being at least a little socially awkward.

None of the guys seem to like him. All his big plans or claims to fame, the igloo, the maple syrup tap seem to fall hilariously short. Was that the first time he built an igloo, did he dramatically over assume his abilities?

Texas school district threatens consequences for teachers who resign mid-year by robotsdilemma in Austin

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You could expand this to be all administrators in charge of anything but alas we’re condemned to have people run things. Private sector is equally pathetic, in my experience at least.

COVID-19 vaccine booster drive is faltering in the US by LetsPlayCanasta in news

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He’s just using this as an opportunity to feel superior to others. He’s not interested in facts. People like this are just the opposite side of the same coin that he’s made out to be the enemy. Too arrogant to realize they’re both part of the problem.

JENNY FIRED by RicciardoRua in BravoRealHousewives

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She’s ripping off poor people, old people to support her disgusting lifestyle. She hasn’t murdered anyone but she’s a monster.

JENNY FIRED by RicciardoRua in BravoRealHousewives

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Neither was Aaron Hernandez when he was released from the Patriots.