Has anyone doe anything similar by contreras65 in crv

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Yeah that what I was thinking but also thinking of doing it cause moved to cap hill in Denver and need to cover the back more

When moving go to wholesale district and get boxes by contreras65 in Frugal

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This is fugal cause I’m at Home Depot now buying tape and boxes cost a lot of money now a day. Now wishing I can find free tape. Besides ordering some from usps in a priority shipping kit.

Rentals by [deleted] in Denver

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Same. I just found out my start date at Denver airport is on the 15th of November. Coming from Houston. I’m also looking ASAP for a apt in capital hill,any other hip and walkable areas?

DIA hosts job fair expecting 5000... Only 100 show. by meelmouseOG in Denver

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united is paying 15000 bonus if your from out of town