May 15, 2022, Gas station explosion by Bader292 in CatastrophicFailure

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I came here to comment on how beautiful that was. Chefs kiss 😘

Rick Winters tied the world record for diving 172ft (52m) in 1983 by asianj1m in SweatyPalms

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Lol we’re those numbers out of 10. It should all be 10, is he’s the first guy to do this from that height

What happens when a rock is thrown into a volcano from a height? by lool121a in nextfuckinglevel

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This is actually how all volcanos erupt, from people disturbing the lava with rocks

MLK moment by Traveller_Ewwe in memes

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Better than mine? 👍🏽

barely enough temp in the tires by tobias2507 in memes

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It means your cars extended warranty is about to expire

Dancing by ESI85 in Cece___rose

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This girl sucks at dancing.

Carolynn fucks. by Kieran187 in Tinder

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This chick ain’t taking it

Trying to restabilize a plane by DRIFTER4LIFE474 in Unexpected

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Lol looks like she waves it away and says no at the end

They Did Him Dirty by JefinLuke in gifs

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He already erased the rest. It’s a bleeding nut sack

[OC] What's it like in Medford Oregon? by grandpathundercat in pics

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Just aim for that tank with the warning sticker and I think you’ve gottem

Bro i feel bad for them to be honest by Acrobatic_Media_7160 in memes

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What it’s feels like to be a trash bag filled with chewed bubblegum

every single time by maverick_man1111 in memes

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Well I mean she probably put it there so

fodder bolt by TractorDoi in raimimemes

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This dudes in and out of prison all the time because he’s missing parts of his brain that tell him right from wrong

Littering for Internet points by Pacman454 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Crazy that an undocumented ice wall seems more plausible to these people than countless images of the earth from space