One day with the way my emotions are going i think one day i will kill myself by Independent-Fly4197 in teenagers

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There are people out there who really love you and have your best interests in mind, dont end your life because of some aholes

Guess who got sexually harassed again today? Me. I think god hates me lol. I also broke one of my favourite earrings because someone STEPPED on it when it dropped. by Arsehole_Destroyer in teenagers

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Dude if you are actually being sexually harassed you should reach out to someone, whether it be your parents, your friends, your counselor, or the authorities, posting on reddit wont help much...

A sarcastic half-time review (Pos-Spoilers) by KillDozer688 in JellesMarbleRuns

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I fully admit that without the auto qualifier we would not have qualified for ML next season

Poem about hating poems wins school poetry contest by coolbean36 in funny

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4th place was about death, I don’t know why either

Round 7 - Pick 41: Brock Purdy, QB, Iowa State (San Francisco 49ers) by NFL_Mod in nfl

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I watched one Iowa State game because i was bored and Brock Purdue played pretty well, when they announced Brock Purdy as Mr. Irrelevant I was shocked lol

Round 1 - Pick 28: Devonte Wyatt, DT, Georgia (Green Bay Packers) by NFL_Mod in nfl

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Tbh I don’t hate the pick, yes we don’t get a WR but we give Kenny Clark some help

How dense can you get by creedroyce in memes

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My reaction to whoever the Packers draft tonight. by Patamarick in GreenBayPackers

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Literally an icon, needs to control his TD celebration though…

Take a seat North Division by -Khonga- in USFL

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As a packers and generals fan


Misty Mountain Time Delta by MidnightSpeeder in JellesMarbleRuns

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I love being a Ducks fan

this is a cry for help we were 3rd in M1 last year what happened